Retro Game Consoles – Epoch Cassette Vision

Epoch Cassette Vision

The Epoch Cassette Vision is not well known as it was only released in Japan. And, they really screwed up the name. Despite the obvious, there is no cassette used with the Epoch as it uses cartridges.

Epoch Cassette Vision Console

Above: Epoch Cassette Vision Console

The Epoch cassette game console sold for 13,500 yen and the games cost 4,000.

As there is not a lot of information on this console in English, facts are hard to come by. There appears to be more rumour than fact. One rumour is that Sega and SNK made games for the Epoch Cassette Vision.


The Epoch’s graphics were not as refined as the Atari 2600 and the controls were a little on the less than professional, As can be seen from the picture, these controls were built into the system. This made repairs costly.

Epoch Cassette Vision Junior Console

Above: Epoch Cassette Vision Junior Console

The controls consist of four knobs one for horizontal movement and one for vertical movement and of course two fire buttons to a player. It is surprising that this was not a top seller. Many view this console as something that should have come out of the second generation in terms of refinement and control.

TThe Epoch Cassette Vision was able to spawn off a smaller, cheaper version called the Cassette Vision Jr. and a successor called the Super Cassette Vision. The latter was released in 1984, and was sold in Europe, with little success. There should be no surprise there.

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