Emerson Arcadia Games Starting with Aa to Es

Alien Invaders

Emerson Arcadia Alien Invaders

The object, like many other space invader like games is to save the planet from ruthless invaders before they descend on your city. There are six missiles and five minutes of play. As you survive and time moves on, the game pace speeds up.

American Football

Emerson Arcadia American Football

This two player football game features the US national anthem and a realistic kick-off in terms of the physics of the kick-off. This was the first football game that aimed to followed actual US football rules.

Auto Race

Emerson Arcadia Auto Race

Auto race is a racing game that provides a series of obstacles. The game support single player and two player modes.


Emerson Arcadia Baseball

This two player baseball game follows standard American League/National League nine player line. Each player can be controlled separately and separate display boxes are provided for when the ball is hit into the outfield.


Emerson Arcadia Basketball

Basketball is a two player game that follows the standard basketball rules. Unfortunately, this game was developed in low resolution only.


Emerson Arcadia Battle

Nothing is know about this game’s game play.

BlackJack and Poker

Emerson Arcadia BlackJack and Poker

This game bundles Black Jack and Poker. Black Jack plays using standard Casino rules. Poker, however, is just a simple game without the same level of complexity offered by today’s common poker styles like Texas Holdem.


Emerson Arcadia Boxing

Low resolution two player boxing game with on screen point scoring.

Brain Quiz

Emerson Arcadia Brain Quiz

Brain Quiz is a math and logic game. The game is played in low resolution.


Emerson Arcadia Breakaway

A high resolution clone of Breakout. This clone of Breakout offered different screens in much the same way that Arkanoid did many years later.Essentially, keep that ball bouncing and watch out as the ball increases in speed.


Emerson Arcadia Capture

Capture is pretty much identical to the traditional Othello board game. The game supports single and two player modes in low resolution. Beware of single player mode. Like many classic games, the computer is ruthless.

Cat Trax

Emerson Arcadia Cat Trax

Cat Trax looks very much like the famous Arcade Pac Man game. The rules are pretty much the same: stay away from the ghost and eat all those pellets to level up.


Emerson Arcadia Circus

Circus is a clone of Acrobat and Clown.The game offers one and two player modes in high resolution.


Emerson Arcadia Combat

An original Emerson Arcadia two player tank action game in low resolution.

Crazy Climber

Emerson Arcadia Crazy Climber

Climb your way to the top of a series of buildings, where a helicopter is waiting to pick you up and take you to the next building. You can climb sideways and up, but are unable to go back down. Watch out for windows as they will open and close as you climb and could result in you loosing grip and falling to your death.You have three lives and are awarded a new life every 30,000 points.

Crazy Gobbler

Emerson Arcadia Crazy Gobbler

Crazy Gobbler is yet another Pac-man clone. After all, Pac-man was one of the most popular games of the 80s also sporting a TV show.


Emerson Arcadia Doraemon

An original Emerson game. This one player game is a bit like a cross between dig dug and pac man. The game is played on both low and high resolution.

Dr. Stump

Emerson Arcadia Dr. Stump

Please submit a review of this game.


Emerson Arcadia Escape

Caught in a maze, find your way out before you are killed. Some walls are electrified. But like many action games, keep sharp as difficulty increases the longer you stay alive. This game uses high resolution mode and is a clone of Escape Man.

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