Emerson Arcadia Games Starting with So to Zz


Emerson Arcadia Soccer

High resolution two player soccer game (football).

Space Attack

Emerson Arcadia Space Attack

In this space invader clone, move your base left or right to shoot the endless waves of aliens marching towards earth. You have four shields but eventually they will be destroyed either by enemy missiles or by the enemies themselves. The aliens’ descent quickens as you eliminate them. Shoot the flying saucer for extra points.This is a high resolution single player game.

Space Mission

Emerson Arcadia Space Mission

Game was made by UA Ltd. 1982. It is a one player low resolution game.

Space Raiders

Emerson Arcadia Space Raiders

A single-player vertical-scrolling space battle game in low resolution.

Space Squadron

Emerson Arcadia Space Squadron

Defend the human population from swarms of attacking aliens. Though deemed a flop at a Chicago arcade machine trade show, it grew to become a very popular game. So popular that it is included in many retro game packs to this day on multiple systems.

Space Vultures

Emerson Arcadia Space Vultures

The spaceship moves left and right horizontally at the bottom of the screen that must destroy bird-shaped spaceships, birds, and finally a mothership at the end of each level. The player’s ship is equipped with a shield that requires seven seconds to regenerate before it can be used again.Single player clone of Phoenix in high resolution.


Emerson Arcadia Spiders

Move your missile base back and forth and shoot at a growing spider web and attacking spiders. Every few rounds a woman’s face will appear and she will wink at you.

Star Chess

Emerson Arcadia Star Chess

Made by UA Ltd. in 1982. It is a two-player game and it is low resolutions.

Super Bug

Emerson Arcadia Super Bug

UA Ltd. in 1983. It is a one-player low resolution game and is a vcg+digital setup

Super Dimension Fortress

Emerson Arcadia Super Dimension Fortress

Bandai in 1983. It is an 8k one-player high resolution game with a arcadia digitalsetup.

Super Gobbler

Emerson Arcadia Super Gobbler

Supper Gobbler is a clone of Pac-Man. Eat all the cookies and avoid the ghost to level-up.

Tanks a Lot

Emerson Arcadia Tanks a Lot

It is UA Ltd. game from 1982. It is a one-player high resolution game with a arcadia digital setup.


Emerson Arcadia Tetris

Tetris became an overnight success in this timeless game. Tetris continues to be ported over to new game platforms, especially portable units. It is rumoured that Tetris has been ported to well over 200 platforms.Geometric shapes fall from the top of a playfield to rest on the bottom; fit the pieces together, and the line they form disappears. If the pieces don’t fit together, they stack up until the screen is full at which point the game is over.Difficulty increases by dropp

The End aka Space Pirates

Emerson Arcadia The End aka Space Pirates

The player controls a bug at the bottom of the screen, shooting smaller bugs that peel off the carapace of a huge mother beetle. Prevent small bugs from taking away blocks from under you, and spelling “The End” in blocks.


Emerson Arcadia Turtles

Rescue the kid turtles. Do not touch anything that moves around the maze.Move to the boxes with question marks looking for baby turtles. When you get some, take them to the house. Use bombs to stop enemies for a short time.

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