Amiga Storage Peripherals

EGS 28/24 Spectrum

> Company: Great Valley Products, USA
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: A2000A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro IIZorro III
> Autoconfig ID: ID2193 / 1,2

RTG Graphics Card
Cirrus Logic GD5426 Or GD 5428 (VL Bus)
85 MHz In 8 Bit Modes
45 MHz In 16 Bit
28 MHz In 24 Bit
15-75 KHz Horizontal Frequency
Up To 200 Hz Vertical Frequency
1 Or 2 MB 70 Ns DRAM
Four 512 KB Chips In SOJ Package

Screen Modes
1600x1280x8 Interlace
1152x864x16 Interlace
800x600x24 Non-Interlace

Video Signal Passthrough, Automatic Monitor Switching
HD15 Output And RB9 Input Connectors
Zorro II / III Autosensing
Does Not Work Reliably With Buster Rev. 9 – The Zorro II Force Option Can Be Enabled In This Case
Picasso96, CyberGraphX 2, 3 &Amp; 4 And EGS Drivers
Supported By Linux, NetBSD And OpenBSD


Amiga EGS 28/24 Spectrum

Front: EGS 28/24 Spectrum front view

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