Amiga Storage Peripherals

EGS 110/24

> Company: Great Valley Products, USA
> Date: 1992
> Amiga: A2000
> Interface: G-Force 20×0
> Autoconfig ID: 2129 / 2

RTG Graphics Card
110 MHz Pixel Clock In 24 Bit Modes
Up To 80 KHz Horizontal Frequency
Up To 140 Hz Vertical Frequency
4 Or 8 MB VRAM – 25 Ns Serial Access, 80 Ns Random Access
The VRAM Can Be Directly Accessed By The 68030 Or 68040 On The Host Combo Card
Eight SIMM Sockets Accept Only Special 1 MB GVP VRAM-SIMMs In Groups Of Four
64 Bit Interleaved VRAM Access
Up To 440 MB/S Graphics Data Bus Bandwidth With Interleave
Max 576 MB/S Blockwrite Data Bandwidth
50 MB/S CPU Bus Bandwidth – Higher In Burst Mode
Double Buffered True Colour Animations At 720×480 With 318 Frames Per Second
64×64 Pixels Built-In Hardware Cursor

Screen Modes

Connects To GVP G-Force Combo Accelerators’ 32 Bit Local Bus
HD15 VGA Connector
Output Control Connector (Mini DIN) For External Monitor Switch Boxes
External Composite Video (Blackburst) Input (SMB Connector) Allowing The Board’S Output To Be Synchronised With An External Video Signal
Five BNC Connectors
EGS Driver


Amiga EGS 110/24

Front: EGS 110/24 front view

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