Commodore Network Peripherals

Commodore 64 Hyperlink

> Company:, US
Date: 2009
Commodore: Commodore 64
Interface: Software

Tested fully compatible with SuperCPU
HTML-1.0 compliant web browser with simple forms support, colours and font-sizing
JPEG, TIFF and GIF image viewing online! (with server support)
WAP/WML and WBMP support for surfing the Mobile Internet!
Turbo232/SwiftLink support for speeds up to 57.6kbps!
Tested 100% compatible with the Lantronix UDS-10! Put your Commodore 64 on your home or office Ethernet LAN today — get HLPP access with just a Telnet shell account!
Gopherspace support (HLPP 1.1 and higher required)
Faster disk access — less wait!
NEW in 2.5e! Improved display and decoding routines — faster screen draws, faster links and features!
NEW in 2.5e! Built-in 128 mode fastbooter — start HyperLink in 1/3 the time with a 1571, 1581 or compatible fast serial disk drive on your 128!
NEW in 2.5e! Now you can configure from 128 mode as well as 64 mode!
NEW in 2.5e! Built-in DOS wedge at your fingertips
Cache support for rapidly retrieving previously viewed documents and web pages — even supports the VDC memory in every Commodore 128! Also supports geoRAM and REUs!
Mouse support
New directives for interactive queries and search forms
Program launching support to enable on-disk menus!
Simple easy-to-use graphical interface
Complete on-line help and two full demonstrations


Hyperlink 2.5e screen shot

Above: Hyperlink 2.5e screen shot

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