Commodore Network Peripherals

Commodore 64 FB-NET

> Company:, Australia
Date: 2009
Commodore: Commodore 64
Interface: cartridge port
Price: A$55.00

The FB-NET cartridge is a new Ethernet adaptor for the c64/128 thats compatible with both the RRNET and TFE (The Final Ethernet).
The FB-NET includes and Olimex CS8900a-h header board and two jumpers used to set any of the following I/O addresses: $DE00, $DE08, $DF00, $DF08
The Olimex CS8900a-h board is soldered onto the to FB-NET cartridge board.

Price includes Olimex CS8900a-h board which is solderd onto FB-NET cartridge board.
Cartridge case is not included.
A plastic PCB support is provided.


Commodore 64 FB-net screen shot

Above: Commodore 64 FB-net screen shot

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