Commodore 64 Games Starting with Wh to Zz

Wheel of Fortune

Commodore 64 Wheel of Fortune

Just like the TV show, guess letters until you can guess the phrase.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Commodore 64 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego is a master thief who leads the criminal organisation V.I.L.E. This organisation specialises in stealing valuable treasures. Alarmed by recent thefts, your job is to arrest Carmen Sandiego’s.Carmen Sandiego tests your knowledge about geography and different countries. When the game starts, a treasure is stolen and you must fly to the location of its theft. There is a time limit that counts down while you must search the area and interview witnesses.

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Commodore 64 Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego and her gang are on the loose once again. Your mission is simple, capture her and stop her wave of crime. This time round you not only have to find where she is, but when. Assemble clues by travelling to different locations, interviewing witnesses and searching locations. Included with the original game is a copy of The New America Desk Encyclopaedia to help make clues more meaningful. It also acts as copy protection.

Win, Lose or draw

Commodore 64 Win, Lose or draw

Win, Lose or Draw was a popular TV show requiring artistic skills and an ability to think laterally. One of your team players, draws something on the big game board. It is then up to you to work out what the drawing represents. The items being drawn represent common expressions depicted literally, such as ‘bright idea’ showing a light bulb over somebody’s head, and ‘cabin fever’ as a rickety building next to a man with a thermometer in his mouth.

Winter Games

Commodore 64 Winter Games

Another in a series of popular Epyx games series. Like those that preceded the Winter Games you can play with up to eight players in a series of games. Choose your country and then select to play all the games, play a few games or just practice a particular game over and over.Games offered include:Ski jumpHot DogBiathlonBobsledFree SkatingFigure SkatingSome console may have more games or less games.

Wizard of Wor

Commodore 64 Wizard of Wor

You control a warrior who is trapped in a dungeon.Earn points by shooting the numerous enemy creatures which wander about the maze.The creatures wander about at different speeds and will shoot darts at you. Some will even disappear for a brief period. Use your radar to locate these invisible creatures. After completing a maze, be ready with the fire button to destroy a Worluk.

Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom

Commodore 64 Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom

Dark times once again threaten the kingdom of Llylgamyn. As with previous version, your quest involves the defeat of evil once again.

Wonder Boy

Commodore 64 Wonder Boy

Everything in your life is going well until your girlfriend is kidnapped. You quest to to seek out her kidnappers and bring her to safety.You will have to explore deep dark forests, cross endless oceans, climb treacherous slopes, survive endless volcanoes and even walk through clouds. Your only weapon of defence is your hatchet. Use it to defend yourself against bees, spiders, snakes, coal-kids, frogs, bats, snails, coyotes and octopuses.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Commodore 64 Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Eleven years have passed by since Tom rescued his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil King. Word of Tom’s journey soon spread throughout Wonder Land. Eventually, the peace was broken when a ferocious fire-breathing dragon. Defenceless that they were, the people were quickly taken over and the tranquil and serene kingdom was transformed into a land of demons and devils. Your mission is to defeat the dragon and once again restore peace.You must travel through 12 locations.

World Championship Soccer

Commodore 64 World Championship Soccer

Choose a team representing one of twenty-four countries around the world to participate in the World Championship tournament. Once your team is picked, select which players to have on the field. The game supports single exhibition matches, either against the computer or against a friend.Game action is viewed from above is rather simplified as player control is limited to players closest to the ball.

World Class Leader Board

Commodore 64 World Class Leader Board

Wind, snap and power are the only three controls keeping you out of the bunkers, water and rough which make for more complex courses than the 8-bit versions of the original.Using the course editor, you make the courses suit your needs.

World Games

Commodore 64 World Games

Olympics style sports game. The following events are included:1) Skiing2) Weight Lifting3) Barrel Jumping4) Sumo Wrestling5) Bull Riding6) Cliff Diving7) Log Rolling8) Caber Toss9) Pole Vault10) Platform Diving


Commodore 64 Xenophobe

After a distress call was received from a space station orbiting your home world, then complete silence. However, a single ship managed to leave the planet.


Commodore 64 Xevious

Xevious was a scrolling first-person shooter, and while a common game form today, was a new style of game play in 1982. Coupled with the graphics and game play, Xevious became very popular in arcades and was soon ported to all the popular game consoles and home computers of the time.


Commodore 64 Zaxxon

Your goal is to defeat the Zaxxon defence system The game has three stages, first taking you through Asteroid City that is heavily protected by aircraft, guns and missiles. Stage two is a space shoot out against hordes of enemy aircraft. Those you failed to destroy in the first part of the task. Complete this and you reach the final battle with Zaxxon.


Commodore 64 Zenji

The goal of the game is to turn the entire maze green. This is done by connecting each section of the maze to the centre of the screen. After all sections of the maze have been connected, you can move on to the next, more challenging level.


Commodore 64 Zombies

Fight zombies, snakes, spiders and an array of other creatures in order to survive. The game features a total of 13 dungeons with 129 different rooms with cooperative mode, single player mode or with another player.

Zone Ranger

Commodore 64 Zone Ranger

Zone Ranger is similar to Asteroids. As the pilot of a spaceship, you must use your ship’s lasers to destroy large rocks, rogue satellites and boomerangs. Use the warp holes to be transported to another location. Occasionally, you will come across some sonic sparklers. These sparklers allow you to become invincible by touching them. Another oddity you may come across is a super portal. This portal transports you to the inner sanctum where bonus dots can be found.

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