Commodore 64 Games Starting with To to Vo

Tomarc the Barbarian

Commodore 64 Tomarc the Barbarian

In Tomarc the Barbarian, Senta is held captive in a magical cage.You mission, as Tomarc, is to rescue Senta. You get to play two characters in this game. As Tomarc, you are lost in a series of caves searching for the magic sword. Once you have the sword, you can then devote your time to finding Senta.Deadly rats and other dangers must be avoided as you run and jump around the caves.


Commodore 64 Toobin'

Toobin’ involves racing their river rapids riding on tires. Hazards to watch out for include the crocodiles, stray logs, branches and fishermen. You are well armed with a supply of tin cans you can defend your self with.

Top Gun

Commodore 64 Top Gun

The Top Gun motion picture featured an F-14 Tomcat jet fighter.Viewed from the cockpit in full 3D, the game is a straight head to head duel against another player or the computer. You are armed with missiles, flares and cannons. Pay close attention to your speed an altitude as it is easy to stall and crash into the ground.

Touchdown Football

Commodore 64 Touchdown Football

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Tower Topper

Commodore 64 Tower Topper

You goal is to blow up eight towers because they are poisoning the water of planets that you are trying to colonise. You must make your way to the top of these towers in order to be successful.Climb your way to the top using walkways around the outside of the towers. To survive your climb, jump over, kick and run from various enemies. Towers are linked together via a voyage through the sea in your trusty MK.7 submarine.

Track and Field

Commodore 64 Track and Field

Track and Field events include the following:100 meter dashHammer throwThe long jump110 meter hurdlesThe MSX version replaces the hurdles with a 400 meter dash. Getting to the next event requires qualification.

Treasure Island Dizzy

Commodore 64 Treasure Island Dizzy

This is Dizzy’s second adventure. As Dizzy, you must explore the strange magic kingdom of Treasure Island. In exploring the island, you will solve many problems and puzzles. And in the end, you will end the terror of the evil Pirates that have been ruling the island.

Trivial Pursuit

Commodore 64 Trivial Pursuit

The game involves answering questions on one of six subject categories to gain moves and answering questions on special squares to gain one of the six Wedges. Questions are based on British TV and sport questions relate to popular British sports.Two game modes are available:1) Single player, which involves answering questions against the clock.

Troll’s Tale

Commodore 64 Troll's Tale

An evil troll has hidden all of the treasures of the Dwarf King. Your mission is to seek out and recover the 15 missing treasures.


Commodore 64 Turmoil

You pilot a ship that is trapped within a chamber of seven tunnels in this fast paced shooter. The tunnels are filled with a variety of enemies with one purpose to kill you so stay sharp. Use your laser blasts to blast the aliens as they streak by. Keep shooting and keep moving, and you will survive to live another day. Slow down and stop and you will not survive.Fire your weapons in all directions as you move to prevent from being taken.


Commodore 64 Turrican

Three-headed demon Morgul has been influencing people’s dreams to create nightmares. However, these nightmares have started to come true. Your mission is to just jump, shoot and explore in an attempt to defeat Morgul.

TV Sports: Football

Commodore 64 TV Sports: Football

Before Electronic Arts sought to imitate television coverage of sports with their EA Sports titles, Cinemaware was already there. Cutscenes follow dramatic moments in the match, and each match is preceded by a TV-style introduction. The game is action-based, but you can choose your plays before executing them.

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

Commodore 64 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

The fourth game in the series features an improved game engine with colour graphics and better character interaction. In Ultima IV, your goal is to become the Avatar, a role model of sorts for the people of the land. This means upholding the eight virtues and seeking to become a better person. The game has essentially changed it outlook rewarding you for doing the right thing instead of some other monetary reward.

Ultima V

Commodore 64 Ultima V

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Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Commodore 64 Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Untima VI is larger and richer in its graphical environment and interactivity than previous versions.The game features a top-down interface and animated graphics in vivid colours as well as original music, sound effects and thousands of objects to be manipulated.

Ulysses and the Golden Fleece

Commodore 64 Ulysses and the Golden Fleece

You play the part of Ulysses in ancient Greece. You have been tasked by the king to find the golden fleece. Your search will take you long and far away through many towns and villages and you will encounter many ancient mythology characters along the way including King Neptune, the Sirens, Cyclops and others. Be mindful of various obstacles in your quest.


Commodore 64 Uninvited

This is another game using the graphical adventure interface found in Deja Vu and Shadowgate. Uninvited comes with a horror theme.While driving on a lonely road at night, a strange figure blocks your vision causing you to swerve and crash your car. After regaining consciousness, your brother is missing. You notice a creepy old mansion and figure it is the only place he could have gone. With nowhere else to go, you enter the mansion in search of your brother.

Up ‘n Down

Commodore 64 Up 'n Down

Collect the coloured flags as you drive around the curved course. This game offers a few cartoon like options like jumping over gaps, other cars and jumping on to other cars.By landing on another car, they are taken out of the race and you collect bonus points. You can also collect things like balloons and ice cream cones for bonus points. The faster you collect all the flags, the bigger a time bonus you get.


Commodore 64 Vigilante

Your mission is to roam the streets to beat up gang members responsible for kidnapping your girlfriend Maria.The game offers five distinct locations from city streets to a junkyard. Use your fists, feet and a chain.


Commodore 64 Volfied

Volfied is an arcade developed by Taito in the late 80’s and ported to several game platforms. You are an object whose purpose is roam the screen, forming shapes and removing them from the play field. Your object must avoid contact with any of the enemies which float around the screen. Barriers limit which parts of the border you can form boxes through. Clear 80% or more of the screen and each additional percent adds more points to your balance.

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