Commodore 64 Games Starting with Te to Ti

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

Commodore 64 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

April O’Neil is trapped in a burning building. Kidnapped by The Shredder and his goons, Bebop and Rocksteady, he challenges the Turtles to rescue April from peril once again. Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo will need to battle their way through numerous enemies and familiar foes such as the mad scientist Baxter Stockman, General Traag from Dimension X and the evil alien brain Krang.


Commodore 64 Tempest

Tempest was a top arcade game and was subsequently ported to several game consoles and home computers and did well there too.Its featured a mix of fast addictive game-play and beautiful colour vector graphics.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Commodore 64 Terminator 2: Judgement Day


Test Drive II: The Duel

Commodore 64 Test Drive II: The Duel

In the sequel to Test Drive, play against the time or the computer. Choose between a Ferrari F-40 and a Porsche 959. The quality of graphics have not changed much, but they game play does have a modern feel over the first game.Also new are the different settings including forests and mountains, with a wide range of hazards to dodge. No longer are you trapped racing around the side of a mountain. This game also supports scenario disks.


Commodore 64 Tetris

Tetris became an overnight success in this timeless game. Tetris continues to be ported over to new game platforms, especially portable units. It is rumoured that Tetris has been ported to well over 200 platforms.Geometric shapes fall from the top of a playfield to rest on the bottom; fit the pieces together, and the line they form disappears. If the pieces don’t fit together, they stack up until the screen is full at which point the game is over.

The Addams Family

Commodore 64 The Addams Family

The Addams Family is a platform game based on the characters and settings from the TV series. The game takes place towards the end of the movie, which was made after the TV series. The Addams Family was evicted from their home by a court order.As Gomez, you must tour the Addams’ mansion in search of your lost family, battling out mysterious monsters and evading traps. Your final battle includes Tully.

The Bard’s Tale II: The Destiny Knight

Commodore 64 The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight

After your characters defeated the wizard Mangar the Dark and freed Skae Brae from eternal winter, all seemed well in the world. However, and this is where the other shoe falls, the evil Archmage Lagoth Zanta shows up and splits the Destiny Wand into seven pieces and scatters them all over the land. Your must restore the Destiny Wand as it is the only way to protect your lands. To do this, you must essentially reforge it.

The Blues Brothers

Commodore 64 The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers are on the run from the law. You can be either bulky Jake or nippy Elwood in this five-level platform game. Your mission is to cross the prison, a river and the big city to reach freedom. You also must find your missing records and collect these. Everything and everyone is against you, but you can pick up and throw warehouse crates to defeat your opponents.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Commodore 64 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

There are lots to say about this video game: the best way to learn about what to do and say is to watch the British series by the same name.The game is text based, which makes it a little frustrating. However, it is true to the series so that should help.The game starts off with you having a hang over and your house about to get bulldozed.. a few hours later and the Earth is demolished…

The Magic Candle

Commodore 64 The Magic Candle

In this role playing game, seal the demon Dreax within the Magic Candle.The game has three difficulty levels.

The New Zealand Story

Commodore 64 The New Zealand Story

One day, a kiwi tribe was having fun and games outside the zoo only to be kidnapped by the evil-minded Leopard Seal. His plan is to sell them back in the black market. Fortunately, during the kidnapping process, Tiki, leader of the tribe, managed to escape the sack and her job is to rescue Phee-Phee and the other kiwis scattered around New Zealand. They are held in the following locations: Auckland, Rotorua, Waitomo Caves, Strait Cook, and Mt. Cook.

The Ninja Warriors

Commodore 64 The Ninja Warriors

This two player beat-em-up featured three monitor screens side by side. The Amiga version was developed in letterbox format in order to show as much of the wide screen background graphics as possible.

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the space mutants

Commodore 64 The Simpsons: Bart vs. the space mutants

Bart vs. The Space Mutants involves, you as Bart, stopping the Space Mutants from invading Springfield.On each of the five levels, collect the ingredients that the Space Mutants are planning to use to build their machine, such as purple objects or balloons. While doing this, you must collect enough proof of alien existence to enlist family members to help you when you meet the boss.

The Three Stooges

Commodore 64 The Three Stooges

Here is another cinemaware game. You help Moe, Larry & Curly collect $5000 to try and save an orphanage and the young children who live there from the evil banker.The game shots are particularly well done on the Amiga. The characters look real and the sounds are true to the real characters.


Commodore 64 Threshold

Threshold is a simple Shoot’em up game. Use your spaceship to shoot several enemy formations. Working against you is time. Be quick in clearing the waves of invaders as you only get extra fuel after defeating several waves. Your laser tends to get hot so don’t over use it — make every shot count. Once the laser has overheated, it will stop firing and you will be forced to wait until it cooled down while slowly running out of fuel.


Commodore 64 Thrust

Thrust took a unique game style by bringing realistic physics and inertia-based movement into arcade games.In order to power your advanced starships, you must fly your fighter behind enemy lines and steel their Klystron Pods, which are used to power your more advanced starships. Use the tractor beam to obtain these pods. There is an array of guns with the sole purpose of taking you down.


Commodore 64 ThunderBlade

Your mission is to ensure that the coup fails to replace the current leader with a dictator using the Gunship Gladiator.The game features 12 levels split into three distinct styles.1) Fly over the city in your helicopter shooting out tanks by ducking low enough to target them, but also climbing to avoid the skyscrapers in the area. 2) Shoot down helicopters and planes while dodging their bullets as you duck down to shoot the tanks being the main challenge.

Tiger Road

Commodore 64 Tiger Road

This arcade conversion is a beat ’em up. Your job is to rescue the village children from the evil Ryo Ken Oh. The magic urns containing improved weapons appear frequently. Use these to make your tasks easier. While most enemies are easy to attack be causcious with the large hordes as they are more difficut to kill.

Times of Lore

Commodore 64 Times of Lore

This role playing game follows the adventures of a young warrior to assist a weakened kingdom from various threats and recover special Artefacts.The game includes various terranes like forests, towns, and dungeons.

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