Commodore 64 Games Starting with St to Te

Star Wars: Jedi Arena

Commodore 64 Star Wars: Jedi Arena

Wandering throughout the arena is a seeker that is capable of firing laser bolts. To win, you need to destroy your opponents shield by using the seeker to fire laser bolts at it. Your weapons consist of a light sabre which is used to control the direction of the laser bolts you fire, as well as block incoming fire from your opponent. Break through your opponent’s shield and gain a point. Be the first to get three points and win the match. Several game options are included whi


Commodore 64 Starflight

A great empire of Humans, Velox, Thrynn and Elowan ruled the stars many years ago. The Empire used an energy source as its currency. However, the empire feel apart and none is known as to why. Furthermore, the small colony world named Arth has forgotten this heritage and technology. One-thousand years have passed, and the people of Arth have rediscovered archaeological evidence of their empire. Using these discoveries, they created spaceships and form the Interstel corporatio


Commodore 64 Stargate

Stargate was released in 1982 and bares no resemblance to the popular movie and TV show of the same name.In fact, it was the sequel to Defender. Stargate’s name was later changed to Defender II due to a copyright dispute in 1984. Stargate didn’t change the game formula that helped make the original game a hit. Instead Stargate expanded on the formula.


Commodore 64 Starquake

You are sent into an unstable planet and charged with the task of preventing it from exploding. Sounds like fun right? Well, this involves collecting items and then taking them to the core to prevent the planet from going boom.


Commodore 64 Stationfall

Please write a review of this text-adventure game.

Stocks and Bonds

Commodore 64 Stocks and Bonds

Invest in stocks when their exchange price is low and when the price rises sell them to make profit. This is what people have been trying to do for years in order to make it rich. Can you do it in this no-risk environment?The key to building a ton of money is to buy lots of one stock and when you sell, the price will tank. However, you must make a decent amount first for this to work.


Commodore 64 Storm

Una Cum abducted Storm’s wife Corrine and locked her in his well-guarded laboratory. Your mission is to rescue her in this Gauntlet style game.


Commodore 64 Stormlord

The queen has imposed a terrible vengeance on the land by kidnapping the fairies. Your mission is to restore things their rightful way by rescuing them.As you progress through the levels, you’ll come across fairies which are rescued by touching them. There are many bad enemies that you must destroy like the Venus Fly Traps, localized acid rain showers and dragons. After each level there’s a bonus game in which tears are collected for points.


Commodore 64 Strider

In Russia, the evil Grand Master Meio has set out to take over the universe. As Hiryu, your mission is simple, you must defeat the Grand Master and put an end to his plotting once and for all.Strider lets you run, jump, perform acrobatics, climb walls and overhangs. Use your plasma sword to fight robots and guards along with the bosses.

Strider 2

Commodore 64 Strider 2

Once again, Strider has been called into action to save the the people of Magenta. Armed with a Gyro laser and matter converter, fight your way through a forest, a ruined city, underground colonies, a roof-top battle and finally a prison ship in which the Megantan leader is held.Game play is much the same as the first game. Tokens can be collected, which will turn you into a robot to face the end-of-level enemies if enough are collected.

Summer Games

Commodore 64 Summer Games

The popular Summer Games was ported to many game consoles and home computers. The game-play is similar to the other entries in Epyx games series. Choose your country and then take turns competing for the gold medal! The game allows eight players to compete in all of the events or any number of events. There are also practice sessions.The events available vary slightly depending on the platform, and may include: * Pole vault * Platform diving * 4×400 meter relay *

Super Huey UH-IX

Commodore 64 Super Huey UH-IX

You pilot a Huey UH-IX in this simulation game. The UH-IX is an experimental helicopter. Your mission is to test it out in several game modes. In flight school mode, learn to fly the helicopter. You will be guided through takeoff, flight and landing. In reality mode, fly to locate and bomb an enemy base, then return home safely. In arcade mode, shoot down as many enemy aircraft with unlimited ammo.

Super Monaco GP

Commodore 64 Super Monaco GP

Super Monaco GP is a port of a popular arcade game. The game includes several world class race courses in the GP circuit. Pass qualification in order to race.The Genesis version of Super Monaco includes career mode. Your goal is to win a season of races.Unfortunately, you start with a relatively slow car. Win races and earn yourself a better car.

Super Sprint

Commodore 64 Super Sprint

Super Sprint pits up to two players against each other. The race starts simple and gradually gets more complicated, featuring obstacles that range from simple traffic cones to full bore tornadoes.Occasionally wrenches will appear in the roadway. These are power-ups. Collect them to upgrade your car with better tires, acceleration or a higher top speed.


Commodore 64 SWAT

The streets of Los Angeles are not safe and the bad news is: you’re a police officer patrolling the streets and you have two other police officers at your side. There are also turret guns located on top of buildings that fire so you just can’t stay on the footpath and hope not to get clobbered by the troublemakers. Score increases when you walk but score more points if you manage to shoot a troublemaker. You’ll lose 100 points for killing a lady walking down the footpath.

Tag Team Wrestling

Commodore 64 Tag Team Wrestling

A Team wrestling game. Play as a Face team or as the Heel team. The Face team are the good guys and the Heel team are the bad guys.

Taito’s Super Space Invaders

Commodore 64 Taito's Super Space Invaders

Space invaders is back and it has become harder. Granted, the classic version was not cake walk.This game takes it to the next level with bosses, power ups and a variety of scenery. Invaders come in several configurations for you to try to blast, and power-ups help you with more weapons to choose from.

Tales of the Unknown, Volume I: The Bard’s Tale

Commodore 64 Tales of the Unknown, Volume I: The Bard's Tale

The Bard’s Tale takes place in the city of Skara Brae that has been taken over by the evil wizard Mangar. He has brought an eternal winter over the city and monsters roam the streets.Your mission is to lead a party of adventurers through the streets, sewers, dungeons and towers of Skara Brae to defeat Mangar.


Commodore 64 Tapper

Tapper is another popular 1980s Arcade style game that was ported to many console and home computers and it is still being ported to modern console today.As a beer tapper you must work hard to serve demanding beer customers. In this bar, there are four bar lanes with customers appearing at random points along. Send them a bear and when they are done, which is pretty quick, they send the mug back for a refill.If the mug reaches the end of the lane and falls, you’re a goner. Sp

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Commodore 64 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

With April O’Neil held hostage by the Shredder’s thugs, Bebop and Rocksteady, it is your job to rescue April and then rescue your sensei Splinter from The Shredder’s clutches deep in the bowels of the Technodrome.The game is based on popular TV shows and a movie from the 1980s.

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