Commodore 64 Games Starting with Fi to Gu

Final Fight

Commodore 64 Final Fight

Mad Gear Gang kidnapped the mayor’s daughter Jessica. Your mission is to advance through six areas of the city clearing out the gang infestation: this means you get to fight everything you meet! To defeat these thugs, use combinations of punches, kicks, throws and jump kicks.

Fire and Forget 2: The Death Convoy

Commodore 64 Fire and Forget 2: The Death Convoy

Best described as Crazy Cars with weapons in a futuristic setting. Fight through each level blowing stuff as you drive through the death convoy in order to shoot down the leader of the terrorist group who plans to blow up your city. Oh yeah, your car also has the ability to fly.

Forbidden Forest

Commodore 64 Forbidden Forest

You are in the middle of what is called the Forbidden Forest and you mission is to shoot up various enemy along the way.

Forgotten Worlds

Commodore 64 Forgotten Worlds

Forgotten Worlds features two characters who both look like Arnold Schwarzenegger though one of them has a mohawk. Their job to rid the planet of the attacking aliens.Guide your characters around the screen as they fly with jet-packs, guns on full auto wiping out the invading alien hordes. At the end of each level is a boss which needs to be killed to progress.Pick up the money dropped by dying aliens and use the money to buy weapons, armour, items and first-aid packs.


Commodore 64 Frogger

Another big hit of the 80s that has managed to find itself ported to modern game consoles. Essentially, gameplay is all about getting across the road. Avoid cars, trucks and other nasty things trying to kill you. Level-up by getting across the road, however, each successive level increases in difficulty.Like most games from the 1980s, levelling up usually meant playing the same boards with increased speed, more obstacles and smarter obstacles.

G-Loc Air Battle

Commodore 64 G-Loc Air Battle

The Citizens Defence Force has confiscated a horde of planes and warships, and as a UN loyalist, your job to shoot them down. Fail to complete any of the eight sections in the time limit and you use up a continue. The amount of planes previously shot down is not reset, making the second attempt easier. As you destroy your enemies,access to better planes is achieved. As a result, your rank improves.


Commodore 64 Galaxian

Galaxian is a shoot ’em up in which the player is at the bottom of the screen, with an arrangement of aliens at the top. The player moves left and right to aim at an alien, then shoots a bullet up the screen, and the alien it hits is killed. The aliens are classed as Drones, Emissaries, Hornets and Commanders, with those higher up the screen scoring more points when destroyed.

Gateway to Apshai

Commodore 64 Gateway to Apshai

Gateway to Apshai is a top-down action-role-playing game. You start off with basic strength, agility, luck and health and your equipment consists of a dagger and leather armour. After generating a dungeon, you must explore the dungeon while watching out for obstacles and various enemies of different strengths and abilities. Increase your abilities, weapons and potions by watching out for items scattered across the game.


Commodore 64 Gauntlet

Gauntlet is a fantasy-themed arcade game which can be played by one to four players simultaneously, which was highly unique for its day.Each player must chose a charter, each with a different gift and skill: Thor the Warrior, Merlin the Wizard, Thyra the Valkyrie or Questor the Elf. The Warrior is strongest in hand-to-hand combat, the Wizard has the strongest magic, the Valkyrie has the greatest armour and the Elf is the fastest in movement.

Gauntlet II

Commodore 64 Gauntlet II

Gauntlet II is very similar to the original. Once again, a wizard, a warrior, an elf and a valkyrie make their way through mazes defeating all sorts of evil creatures, collecting treasures and magic potions.

Gemstone Warrior

Commodore 64 Gemstone Warrior

Work your way through an underground catacomb in your quest to find five pieces of a gemstone all the while watching out for various enemies such as the guardians of the catacomb. Once you have collected the five gemstone pieces, return back to the beginning where you where you started.

Gettysburg: The Turning Point

Commodore 64 Gettysburg: The Turning Point

Gettysburg: The Turning Point is a grand tactical simulation the most decisive battle of the Civil War fought at the little town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania from July 1 to July 3, 1863.It was certainly one of the most bloody battles ever fought on US soil.

Ghost Busters

Commodore 64 Ghost Busters

Based on the movie, Ghostbusters. The player must monitor the map of New York City for ghost alarms and casual spirits, and plot a route to the alarmed area. You get to control the Ghostbuster vehicle as it drives through traffic and capture casual ghosts on the way. Once at the location take position and activate your proton beams and toss a trap to the ground. Manoeuvre the ghosts over the placed trap and activate the trap.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins

Commodore 64 Ghosts 'N Goblins

Ghosts’n Goblins is a classic sideways scrolling game played by a heroic knight out to destroy the evil creatures of the land in this very popular game from the 1980s. Among the undead are ghosts, zombies, bats and goblins. As in most games in this genre there are plenty of power-ups designed to allow you to survive longer into the game., you can pick up several kinds of add-ons on your way, greatly improving your chance of survival.

Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

Commodore 64 Ghouls 'N Ghosts

In the sequel to Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins, Arthur saved Princess PrinPrin from the Dark Prince, Lucifer and drove his evil forces back into the Underworld. Monsters have returned to attacking the kingdom and the luckless Princess has been kidnapped.Save his beloved Princess and destroy the root of all evil. There are many great monsters to deal with in this epic game. The journey includes ledges, ladders, lava pits and slippery slopes.

Golden Axe

Commodore 64 Golden Axe

In Golden Axe you play the role of three heroes. Each has his own reason for overthrowing the evil rule of Death-Adder who has kidnapped and imprisoned the King and his daughter and stole the legendary Golden Axe.


Commodore 64 Gradius

The ameoboid Bacterions have attacked your planet. Your mission is to fly into battle and save them. AUse the power-ups to upgrade your ship’s hyper speed, force fields, lasers, missiles, double beam and cannons. Gradius is a side scrolling shooter. Shooting some enemies will leave a power-ups behind that will auto upgrade your ship. Each level features a wide variety of enemies trying to stop you, with a large boss at the end.


Commodore 64 Gremlins

Gremlins adapted from Steven Spielberg movie of the same name. The game takes place just after midnight when the Gremlins are running around Billy’s living room.You are Billy and your goal is to catch all of the Mogwai and return them to their cage and to destroy all of the Gremlins with a sword. Each level has a six minute time limit.

Guerrilla War

Commodore 64 Guerrilla War

A tropical island is oppressed by a dictator. Your mission is to restore restore justice to the island. March through the rivers, swamps and forests to overthrow the dictator in this evolution of the Commando style. As the enemy soldiers come towards you in groups, some care is required when picking them off, either using your gun or the grenades. You will score points by rescuing hostages and bonus points for shooting their captures.

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