Commodore 64 Games Starting with Do to Fi

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Commodore 64 Double Dragon II: The Revenge

The Marian was rescued from the Shadow Boss by Billy & Jimmy Lee in the first Double Dragon game. However, this time she has been kidnapped and killed.Your mission is simple, seek you revenge against the Shadow Boss.

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones

Commodore 64 Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones

The final game in the trilogy where Billy and Jimmy Lee return from their martial arts training when their paths cross a fortune teller. She tells of a great evil in Egypt, their strongest adversary yet, and how the Rosetta Stones can aid them.Use the weapon shops where Billy and Jimmy can buy power-ups, tricks, energy and extra lives to aid them in their quest. Power-ups make Billy and Jimmy twice their size, increasing their damage done and range of attack.

Double Dribble

Commodore 64 Double Dribble

Double Dribble is a basketball game that’s all about action, so no time needs to be spent customizing the teams or spending time on statistics. This game is for those that just want to play basketball.

Dragon Spirit: The New Legend

Commodore 64 Dragon Spirit: The New Legend

Galda has decided to attack earth. Your mission is to you to stop him at all costs, short of losing your life. Galda has taken your sister Iris.Your form is that of a dragon but you must seek out the power-ups to ensure your success in your mission. Without these power-ups, your mission will be that much more difficult. Some useful power ups include extra heads on your dragon, health and faster shots.If in doubt of what to destroy, shoot and ask questions later.

Dragon Wars

Commodore 64 Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars takes place in the magical land of Dilmun, an island of salvation perverted into a world of horror by Namtar. Your party consists of four with absolutely no items to defend yourselves with. Game play follows that of the Bard’s Tale. Pay attention to the environment as you will find all the items you need for your journey.

Dragon’s Lair

Commodore 64 Dragon's Lair

A conversion of the 1983 Don Bluth coin op cartoon game. You play Dirk the Daring as you struggle your way through a dungeon to fight Singe the Dragon. Your objective is to rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne. The game has great graphics but has rather limited playability. Instead of guiding the player, you actually trigger him to make changes in his path without actually controlling each step.

Dragons of Flame

Commodore 64 Dragons of Flame

Set in between the SSI’s AD&D Dragonlance action games Heroes of the Lance and Shadow Sorcerer. Dragon Fire follows the tradition of Heroes of the Lance with a side-scrolling action-oriented view. The plot, though, is situated somewhere between Heroes of the lance and Shadow Sorcerer.You control one character at a time. Be mindful of the different character abilities as this will aid your quest.


Commodore 64 Drol

You play a robot that can fly and shoot. Your goal is to rescue children that are wandering around each level. Levels consist of rows of platforms with gaps which can be jumped through to go up or down a vertical level. Watch out for various obstacles and creatures that will try and do you in.

Dynamite Dux

Commodore 64 Dynamite Dux

Rescue a trapped female friend using direct-combat moves and by collecting bonus weapons and use food for energy recharging. Your enemies are all animals but with human characteristics. For example, crocodiles have boxing moves and cows are armed with rocket packs. You must all levels before you can rescue Lucy from Archaca’s clutches.

E-SWAT: Cyber Police

Commodore 64 E-SWAT: Cyber Police

As a member of the Cyber Police force in the city of Liberty, clear the streets of crime, terminate the most-wanted criminals and put them behind bars. There are 15 stages from patrolling the Liberty streets to car yards and restaurants. Watch out for bosses, though they are not present on all stages. Be sure to watch out for ammo as you do not have unlimited ammunition.

Elevator Action

Commodore 64 Elevator Action

You are Agent 17 (codename: “Otto”). Your mission is to secure all top secret documents from a security building and escape in the getaway car, located in the basement of the building.Enemies spies are scattered throughout the 30-floor building and they have only one mission: execute Agent 17 at all costs.


Commodore 64 Elite

Embark on a trading venture among the many star systems. To be safe, trade on razor-thin margins among in the safe systems, or in order to make a lot of money, take risks and trade with anarchic systems while watching out for pirates. Keep in mind that your ship does not have much in terms of defence.Save on fuel costs by buying a fuel scoop and flying near the star. Don’t get a bad rep as the police will come after you and then you will have to dodge more than just pirates.


Commodore 64 Enchanter

Your mission is to save the world from an evil Warlock. Use your spells wisely to defeat him and his evil magic.

Enduro Racer

Commodore 64 Enduro Racer

In this game you play the role of an endurance bike racer. Race against the clock to get to the finish line.At the end of each race you receive points for how many cars or bikes you have overtaken. You can then use the points to upgrade your bike. Race on the desert beaches and dirt tracks. Find the best route through each level to shave off valuable seconds in order to over take more cars and bikes.


Commodore 64 Essex

In this text adventure game, you must find a scientist and his formula as it is the only tool that will empower the Federation to defeat the alien Vollchons.

F-15 Strike Eagle

Commodore 64 F-15 Strike Eagle

F-15 Strike Eagle features 15 missions that fall within the F-15’s flying envelope. Your missions take place in the Middle East and Asia theatres in the 1970s and 1980s. Use your machine guns, guided missiles and bombs at your disposal as directed in your mission briefings. The game features three enemy aircraft and three types of enemy SAMs.

F-18 Hornet

Commodore 64 F-18 Hornet

F-18 Hornet is a one-player fighter simulator where you pilot a Navy F/A-18 Jet through a series of simulated combat situations including carrier take-offs and landings, bombings, strafings, and air combat.You are confronted with a variety of opponents and must perform a series of combat objectives in order from the Naval Aviator rank.

Fast Eddie

Commodore 64 Fast Eddie

The object of the game it to go from floor to floor, collecting prizes. no more than two prizes will be visible on the screen at any one time on any floor with the exception of the top floor.Each screen will have a max of ten prizes. Be sure to avoid the sneakers.In order to make it to the next screen, get nine prizes and then jump over the High-Top. Now jump over him to get the key. After every screen, you get an extra life and can have a max of three in reserve.

Fight Night

Commodore 64 Fight Night

You must face 11 different opponents on your way to becoming the new champ. Each boxer has strength and weaknesses, along with one super punch. There are four different modes of play: Training, Sparring, Tournament, and Main Event. Tournament is a two player versus mode.

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