Commodore 64 Games Starting with Ba to Bl

B-1 Nuclear Bomber

Commodore 64 B-1 Nuclear Bomber

Fly your B-1 bomber to it’s destination and destroy the target in order to complete your mission.Input text commands to control your bomber’s altitude, course, radar, weapons and so on. You will have to watch out for MiGs and SAMs as well as electronic counter-measures.

Back to the Future Part II

Commodore 64 Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future III is a collection of four acts.In this game series, Marty McFly and Doc Brown are back in 1885. This game takes four scenes from the Hollywood movie Back to the Future III and turns them into arcade sequences.

Back to the Future Part III

Commodore 64 Back to the Future Part III

Back to the Future II is a collection of five arcade and puzzle games.Based on the second installment of the popular Hollywood series Back to the Future, this movie conversion has Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel through time to stop their arch-rival Biff from changing the future.

Bad Dudes

Commodore 64 Bad Dudes

Game play involves beating the living daylights out of many enemies to complete the level. Once the level is complete, you move on to the level’s boss.

Bad Street Brawler

Commodore 64 Bad Street Brawler

Bad Street Brawler is another fighting game. You play the role of an unproportionally large man with huge arms and legs, who goes about wiping the streets with scumbags.Survive ten levels of super-ridiculous moves and punches, kicking the crap out of everyone and everything you see and you win.


Commodore 64 Ballblazer

Ballblazer is a one-on-one soccer match set in the distant future. You are a robot trying to snare a floating ball called a plasmorb. Once snared, fired the plasmorb into your opponent’s goal. You play on a simple 3d playfield which is split in half. You can play against the computer or against another robot controlled by a human player.


Commodore 64 Ballistix

Psygnosis’ Ballistix is an arcade game in which you have to manipulate a ball in order to score a goal with your opponent. Sound simple eh? Well, there is always a catch. You get to control an arrow which defines direction and pressing the fire key will launch a ball from this arrow in the direction the arrow points to.

Bank Panic

Commodore 64 Bank Panic

Bandits are holding up a bank and many people are being held hostage. You mission is to shoot the bank robbers.The bank has 12 doors, and there are 12 bandits guarding each door ready to shoot you as soon as you open the door. Here is where the game gets a little twisted. If you shoot them before they point their gun at you, no points are earned as it is considered unfair. If you are too late… well you get the picture.

Battle Chess

Commodore 64 Battle Chess

This has to be a classic. Battle Chess is responsible for many people who would have never played the game to pick it up. The game has the same rules as the board game. How it differs is what happens when a piece is taken. Both pieces do battle and with the outcome already determined based on whichever player had their piece captured.The Amiga platform offered the greatest level of detail due to its extensive colour pallet.

Battle of Antietam

Commodore 64 Battle of Antietam

Battle of Antietam is a tactical simulation of a Civil War battle at the little town of Sharpsburg, Maryland along Antietam Creek.The game is played in 11 turns each representing 1 hour of real time. Points are awarded at the end of each turn based on casualties and territorial objectives.


Commodore 64 Battlezone

As the pilot of a heavy tank, wipe out enemy tanks and landing vehicles. Be sure to move around the map to avoid being hit.

BC’s Quest for Tires

Commodore 64 BC's Quest for Tires

Cute Chick is held captive by the dinosaur and it is up to Thor to ride his trusty wheel to the rescue. Watch out for the many obstacles in the way that Thor will need to jump and duck including rocks, trees, rivers, lava pits, cliffs and of course Fat Broad.

Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back

Commodore 64 Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back

The Dictator from the first Beach Head game is back. World War 2 is over, but the dictator is out to seek revenge against the victorious allied forces. To aid in his cause, he kidnaps hostages and brings them to his island fortress.


Commodore 64 Beamrider

Beamrider is a unique space shooter game. The game’s maps are drawn using 3-d and objects get bigger the closer to them you move — just like real life.Pilot your star-ship to defeat evil aliens which have encased the Earth in a strange field of glowing beams.Battle through 99 treacherous sectors. The number of enemies and dangerous objects you must avoid increasing as you progress through the levels.

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

Commodore 64 Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

Your mission is to infiltrate Nazi headquarters and seek out bomb agents and plant them outside the door to Hitler’s bunker. Use stealth and the occasional bribe to work your way to Hitler. Do not open up and fire at everything or you will fail in your mission.

Bionic Commando

Commodore 64 Bionic Commando

You have a bionic arm that extends and contracts allowing you to grab on to fixed objects to swing around and climb up levels.Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy fortress and find Super Joe and then take out the evil leader Generalissimo Kilt.

Black Lamp

Commodore 64 Black Lamp

Your goal is to find and collect several coloured lamps and bring them back one at a time to a case located in the first room. Collect several bonuses along the way while fighting off many creatures along the way. The ultimate goal is to bring all the colored lamps back to the case, including the elusive Black Lamp.

Blades of Steel

Commodore 64 Blades of Steel

Blades Of Steel is an arcade-based hockey game. There are no stats to follow or worry about, just start the game and play.On occasion, a fight will break out. When this happens, you get to control your player. The loser of the fight spends time in the penalty box. The referee will break up fights that go on too long, and calls a few penalties such as icing.


Commodore 64 Blockout

Blockout is a Tetris clone in 3D. Rotate the blocks in order to fit them into the pit.Advanced users can play with odd three-dimensional pieces or change the size of the pit for depth of between 6 and 18 piles.

Blue Print

Commodore 64 Blue Print

Your girlfriend Daisy is in trouble because Ollie Org is chasing her and won’t stop. Head to rescue her.In order to save her, you must construct a time machine in the time allotted. The blue print for the machine is at the bottom of the screen, so all you need to do is locate the parts which are hidden in the numerous houses in a maze like town. When you locate a part, bring it back and place it on the blue print.

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