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Colecovision Gorf

Gorf is essentially four games in one and played as levels.
The first level has you behind a defensive shield, defending against an alien attack, which looks very much like the game space invaders. Use your shields to dodge bombs and take out all the aliens. The second level is similar to the first, only your defensive shield is gone and the enemies tend to swoop down over the level as opposed to those row formations.


Colecovision Gyrus

To save the solar system, fly your spaceship around nine planets. Starting with a single canon, you can gain another cannon after shooting a power up satellite. Upon clearing each planet, you enter a bonus stage where weapons and bonus points are collected.


Colecovision H.E.R.O.

Your mission is to make your way through the dangerous mineshaft and locate the miners. This must be done before running out of energy and avoiding dangerous creatures and lava. Roderick Hero has some tools to aid in his mission. The prop pack will allow you to hover and fly around the mineshaft and avoid the many dangers.

James Bond 007

Colecovision James Bond 007

You are James Bond and your mission is complete four different mission: Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only. Each level has a variety of enemies trying to destroy you, and a unique goal that must be accomplished to continue on. If you can complete all the missions, you win the game! Good luck, Mr. Bond.

Jumpman Junior

Colecovision Jumpman Junior

Jumpman Junior is the sequel to Jumpman with the same style of game play with all new levels. Once again, you must disarm all of the bombs on the level before time runs out.

Jungle Hunt

Colecovision Jungle Hunt

Jungle Hunt contains four unique adventure experiences that repeat with greater difficulty. Gameplay involves a lot of strategic jumping and knife play.

Keystone Kapers

Colecovision Keystone Kapers

Harry Hooligan is on the loose once again. You are Officer Keystone Kelly an you primary objective is to capture Hooligan. The game setting is a four story mall. Hooligan is running as fast as he can to reach the exit at the top. Failure to capture Harry will have you repeating the level over again.

Lady Bug

Colecovision Lady Bug

While very similar to Pac-Man it is very different. You are a ladybug who must venture around different mazes collecting all of the food pellets. There are also several rotating doors that you can use to trap enemies and escape. In fact these rotating doors are the key to survival in this game. In the center of each maze is a different enemy insect hive that will spawn out enemy creatures.

Miner 2049er

Colecovision Miner 2049er

You are Bounty Bob and your mission is to explore every inch of an abandoned mine. As you walk over floor sections in the mine, the floor will change color. When all of the floor sections have been changed in color, you can move on to the next, more challenging level.

Montezuma’s Revenge

Colecovision Montezuma's Revenge

You play as a treasure hunter named Panama Joe, whose goal is to find an ancient treasure hidden by Aztec warrior deep inside catacombs. The catacombs are a large maze filled with rolling skulls, dancing spiders, disappearing and re-appearing chains and tons of fire.

Motocross Racer

Colecovision Motocross Racer

In this bike racing game, you must complete three race scenes in the shortest time. The first scene finds you in the desert with a 3-D behind the bike point of view. Avoid rocks, cacti, scorpions, and other obstacles as they will cause you to crash and lose valuable time.

Mouse Trap

Colecovision Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap is another top arcade game ported to several home computers and game consoles despite its similarities to Pac-man. You are a mouse stuck in a maze. Eat all the cheese in order to go on to the next maze. The bad news comes in the form of cats that must be avoided.

Mr. Do!

Colecovision Mr. Do!

Your job is to harvest the cherries while avoiding the bad guys. You have two means to defend yourself: 1) push the apples located throughout the play field on top of the enemies and crush them. 2) Throw the only powerball at the bad guys and kill them. When an alpha monster appears, kill it and earn a letter towards spelling EXTRA. Once you have spelled extra, you earn and extra life.

Mr. Do’s Castle

Colecovision Mr. Do's Castle

You are Mr. Do in a multi-floored castle. Each floor contains a variety of blocks. Using your hammer, knock out the blocks in the floor. Be careful of the deadly unicorns which want nothing other than to kill you.

Oil’s Well

Colecovision Oil's Well

Your mission is to mine oil deep into the Earth’s crust while watching out for various bugs that can end your game.

Omega Race

Colecovision Omega Race

The purpose of this game is to get a high score by shooting down enemy droids. Watch out for space mines as you shoot down the enemy Droid ships. The last ship on a level then starts spiralling to make you life a little difficult.

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

Colecovision Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

Pitfall became a top hit in the early 1980s and was ported to many platforms. You play the role of Pitfall Harry on a quest to locate treasure deep in the jungle. Look for money bags, silver bars, gold bars, and diamond rings. As with any good game, there are just as many bad guys looking to see you in.


Colecovision Pitfall!

Pitfall! is a platform action game. You play Pitfall Harry who is on a quest to locate treasure deep in the jungle. With a little luck you’ll be able to find money bags, silver bars, gold bars, and diamond rings. But many obstacles will get in the way, some of which merely deduct points from your score, while others are fatal.


Colecovision Popeye

As Popeye, you are trying to win Olive Oyl’s love by collecting tokens of her love: those things she keeps dropping from the top of the screen. After collecting the required number of items, you advance to the next more difficult level.


Colecovision Q*bert

Q*Bert is a port from the popular early 1980s. You goal is simple: change all of the tiles on a pyramid to the target colour. On early levels, a single hop will change the tile to the desired color, but on later levels you may need to hop on a tile multiple times or even avoid hopping on a tile multiple times!

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