Retro Game Consoles – Colecovision


Colecovision Retail Box

Above: Colecovision Retail Box


The ColecoVision game console offered arcade-quality graphics and gaming style, and more importantly, it offer the ability to upgrade. The Colecovision game console had some 150 game titles, but it was difficult to get some of the top names with out making crude copies as Atari had restrictive licensing agreements.

Colecovision Game COnsole

Above: Colecovision Game Console

Coleco was able to license some top titles as it did with Nintendo’s Donkey Kong that came with ColecoVision consoles. More importantly, the game was ported well to the game console and this helped gain Colecovision some good sales numbers. They also had an aggresive advertising campaigne.

Colecovisions main competitor, as Atari was the market leader, was the Atari 5200 and even Atari 2600. Sales quickly passed one million units as early as 1983. However, the video game crash began in 1983 and did not let up until 1984. Many contribute this crash due to overproduction and too much competition.

However, while these were factors, Commodore was pricing its Commodore 64 to wipe out its competition in the home computer market. However, as Commodore began pricing the Commodore 64 aroudn $300, many chose it over game consoles. It offer better graphics and speed as the game consoles and also offered hundreds of titles.

By the time the unit was cancelled in 1985, it had sold over 2 million copies.


The Colecovision had a 256 x 192 resolution which was much better than most consoles. It also had video ram of 16KB and 1KB of regular ram. The Colecovision game console also offered an expansion port. This helped the console as it became conpatible with the Atari 2600.

Game Controllers

Colecovision Super Action Controller

Above: Colecovision Super Action Controller

Colecovision offered many impressive controllers such as the hand gun controller or the steering wheel controller.

Colecovision Driving Wheel Controller

Above: Colecovision Driving Wheel Controller

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