Atari ST Games Starting with Sd to Su

Ultima III

Atari ST Ultima III

This is the first of the Ultima series to feature a party of adventurers instead just one. The game has large, detailed towns with many people to converse with. It also has a separate separate combat engine where your party can fight multiple monsters.

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

Atari ST Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

The fourth game in the series features an improved game engine with colour graphics and better character interaction. In Ultima IV, your goal is to become the Avatar, a role model of sorts for the people of the land. This means upholding the eight virtues and seeking to become a better person. The game has essentially changed it outlook rewarding you for doing the right thing instead of some other monetary reward.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Atari ST Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Untima VI is larger and richer in its graphical environment and interactivity than previous versions. The game features a top-down interface and animated graphics in vivid colours as well as original music, sound effects and thousands of objects to be manipulated.


Atari ST Uninvited

This is another game using the graphical adventure interface found in Deja Vu and Shadowgate. Uninvited comes with a horror theme. While driving on a lonely road at night, a strange figure blocks your vision causing you to swerve and crash your car. After regaining consciousness, your brother is missing. You notice a creepy old mansion and figure it is the only place he could have gone.


Atari ST Vigilante

Your mission is to roam the streets to beat up gang members responsible for kidnapping your girlfriend Maria. The game offers five distinct locations from city streets to a junkyard. Use your fists, feet and a chain.


Atari ST Volfied

Volfied is an arcade developed by Taito in the late 80’s and ported to several game platforms. You are an object whose purpose is roam the screen, forming shapes and removing them from the play field. Your object must avoid contact with any of the enemies which float around the screen. Barriers limit which parts of the border you can form boxes through. Clear 80% or more of the screen and each additional percent adds more points to your balance.


Atari ST Warship

Tactical wargame of naval engagements in the WW2 Pacific theatre with four historic battles.

Winter Games

Atari ST Winter Games

Another in a series of popular Epyx games series. Like those that preceded the Winter Games you can play with up to eight players in a series of games. Choose your country and then select to play all the games, play a few games or just practice a particular game over and over.

Wizard’s Crown

Atari ST Wizard's Crown

Your quest is to seek out the priceless crown. Start by creating a band of adventurers and recover the crown.


Atari ST WolfChild

Dr. Kal Morrow has been kidnapped because of his research into genetics and the creation of human-animal hybrids. During the kidnapping, his family was brutally murdered by the terrorist organisation CHIMERA. As his surviving son Saul, your quest is to avenge his family’s death and seek out your father. Using your father’s research, you become a wolf-man and sets out to find CHIMERA’s base and defeat their leader Karl Draxx.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Atari ST Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Eleven years have passed by since Tom rescued his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil King. Word of Tom’s journey soon spread throughout Wonder Land. Eventually, the peace was broken when a ferocious fire-breathing dragon. Defenceless that they were, the people were quickly taken over and the tranquil and serene kingdom was transformed into a land of demons and devils.

World Championship Soccer

Atari ST World Championship Soccer

Choose a team representing one of twenty-four countries around the world to participate in the World Championship tournament. Once your team is picked, select which players to have on the field. The game supports single exhibition matches, either against the computer or against a friend.

World Games

Atari ST World Games

Olympics style sports game. The following events are included: 1) Skiing 2) Weight Lifting 3) Barrel Jumping 4) Sumo Wrestling 5) Bull Riding 6) Cliff Diving 7) Log Rolling 8) Caber Toss 9) Pole Vault 10) Platform Diving.


Atari ST Xenophobe

After a distress call was received from a space station orbiting your home world, then complete silence. However, a single ship managed to leave the planet. The pilot tells a tale of pods that hatch into acid-spitting Xenos.


Atari ST Xevious

Xevious was a scrolling first-person shooter, and while a common game form today, was a new style of game play in 1982. Coupled with the graphics and game play, Xevious became very popular in arcades and was soon ported to all the popular game consoles and home computers of the time.

Zero 5

Atari ST Zero 5

Zero 5 is a wild space-shooter where you are in control of a small and manuverable fighter craft or a powerful warship. Your mission is to defend the earth from alien attack over dozens of missions where you travel through deep space to meet enemy convoys head on and shoot across asteroid and planet surfaces taking out installations.


Atari ST Zool

You are Zool, a special ninja. You goal is simple: run and jump, climb walls and shoot your enemies. Obtain power-ups to make your goal easier to achieve. In the options you can change the difficulty and the game-speed two times, the continues and the background music (Rock or Funk).

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