Atari Lynx Games Starting with Sa to Zz

Scrapyard Dog

Atari Lynx Scrapyard Dog

You play the role of Louie, the junkyard guy, who’s dog has been dognapped by Mr. Big. Use your bombs and cans to defeat your enemies such as gangsters, rats and mice. You also have shields to protect yourself on your journey through the 16 checkpoints to recover your dog. However, there is a time limit for each check point.

Shadow of the Beast

Atari Lynx Shadow of the Beast

Aarbron was kidnapped and enslaved by the Priests of the Beast Lord. He grew up on drugs made to destroy his own will and turn him into the Beast Messenger. One day, he noticed a man about to be sacrificed in a ritual. Looking upon his face, it triggered a memory. You realise that this is your father. As his father dies in the altar, you sware an oath to avenge your fathers death.


Atari Lynx Shanghai

Shanghai is a tile-based game based on the ancient Chinese game of Mah-Jong. There are 144 tiles with each depicting different images. The only way to remove the pairs is by finding its matching pairs. There are many different designs, all of which are challenging.

The Humans

Atari Lynx The Humans

Help prehistoric man to evolve by by teaching them to invent tools , the wheel, weapons and discover fire. In each level, you are given task. You are given a number of characters who must accomplish the task. Tasks can include finding objects (like a spear) on the screen, or trying to reach a specific destination which may require the use of objects you have discovered so far.

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