Atari Jaguar Games Starting with Sp to Zz

Super Burnout

Atari Jaguar Super Burnout

Super Burnout is an arcade-style superbike racing game where you control an ultra-fast motorcycle through races that take place on famous tracks throughout the world. You have six different bikes to choose from and you can race on a total of eight different tracks.


Atari Jaguar Supercross

You get to race your competitors and catch big air in the process while performing a few tricks. There are three game modes: 1) Practice: Race around any track for as long as you like 2) Single Race: Compete in one race against the computer 3) Tournament: Compete in a series of races to accumulate points and become the Supercross champion


Atari Jaguar Syndicate

The world is controlled by a handful of global corporations and you are the Marketing director for one of these companies. Your job to take control away from the competitors. Your job is not one of diplomacy, it is a job of brute force and physical control.

Tempest 2000

Atari Jaguar Head-On-Soccer

Tempest 2000 is a remake of the popular 1980’s arcade game. In Tempest 2000, there are over 100 levels that you can shoot creatures. Unique to Tempest 2000 is an intense two-player mode to team up with or go head to head against another player, or even play a version of the original arcade game. Collect enough bonuses, and be subjected to two different types of bonus rounds as you navigate through rings, or try to ride a spiral tube.

Theme Park

Atari Jaguar Theme Park

Dominating the exciting world of Theme Park ownership is your goal in this strategy game from Bullfrog. Your first task is to set up your rides within the available land. You must construct convenient paths and queues, leaving space for bigger rides once they become available while including some lakes and trees to increase the park’s allure and shade for people waiting in long lines.

Total Carnage

Atari Jaguar Total Carnage

In 1999, the war left the country of Kookistan in shambles. The dictator named General Akhboob took control of the beleaguered nation and began creating an army of radioactive mutants. As Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem, your mission is to infiltrate the virtually impenetrable stronghold, rescue the hostages and fight a legion of mutants before killing the evil despot before he dominates the world.

Towers II

Atari Jaguar Towers II

You and your party are shipwrecked on the island of Lamini where the crew has spent several months fixing the ship. However, the Sheriff of Lamini pleads for help because the island’s highest ranking council members have completely lost their senses and all sorts of strange and unusual things are happening. The Sheriff is ranting and raving, blowing things up and digging up the corpses of dead mystics.

Trevor McFur In The Crescent Galaxy

Atari Jaguar Trevor McFur In The Crescent Galaxy

The Crescent Galaxy has been attacked by an entity known as Odd-it. These creatures are hell bent on making everything they touch become odd. You play Trevor McFur, a corporal in the Crescent Galaxy’s chapter of the Interplanetary Defence squad and are sent to defeat Odd-it.

Ultra Vortek

Atari Jaguar Ultra Vortek

Civilisation has fallen into a deep decline where gangs and warlords control the power and influence the world. Then, a powerful being known as the Guardian appears with a challenge. Unless a warrior meets his challenge, he will destroy the Earth. As a result, seven warriors from around the world fight to re-open the Ultra Vortek and return Earth to its glory.

White Men Can’t Jump

Atari Jaguar White Men Can't Jump

Play basketball the way most people learn to play in the city streets with loose rules in various suburban locations where anything goes. You can also make money by wagering in the high stakes street basketball gambling. Game play is seen from the half court line, with a screen view that pans and zooms to follow the action.

Wolfenstein 3D

Atari Jaguar Wolfenstein 3D

This game marked a turning point, or revolution, in game design offering a first person perspective through the eyes of the main character. The game also helped propel the need for faster computers and graphics cards.

World Tour Racing

Atari Jaguar World Tour Racing

World Tour Racing is an F1-style racing game where you race your car on road courses representing several cities around the world. The graphics in World Tour Racing feature fully 3D environments constructed with texture-mapped polygons.


Atari Jaguar Worms

Worms features four teams of four worms where you must destroy the others on a generated terrain. You are armed with a wide range of weapons: 1) Bazookas 2) Grenades 3) Fire Punch 4) Dynamite 5) Air strikes. Shots leave craters in the ground where and complex tunnels can be formed. Be sure to make your move before time runs out.

Zool 2

Atari Jaguar Zool 2

The sequel to Zool sees him take on Mental Block and Krool across 15 levels. While game play is similar to the original, you can now scale walls and have a few more attack moves.

Zero 5

Atari Jaguar Zero 5

Zero 5 is a wild space-shooter where you are in control of a small and manuverable fighter craft or a powerful warship. Your mission is to defend the earth from alien attack over dozens of missions where you travel through deep space to meet enemy convoys head on and shoot across asteroid and planet surfaces taking out installations.

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