Atari Jaguar Games Starting with Fl to Sp


Atari Jaguar Head-On-Soccer

In this football game there are 50 national teams represented to play in two game modes: 1) Exhibition 2) Tournament. A nice feature is the ability to trade players that are poor performers.

Hover Strike

Atari Jaguar Hover Strike

Hover Strike for the Jaguar is a mission-based tank game. Terrakian Pirates have conquered a Federation controlled planet and they have set up an atmospheric cannon, making invasion impossible.


Atari Jaguar HyperForce

Your mission is to take out Trans Con before it attacks Earth. To complete your mission, you will have to shoot soldiers, security drones and robots while avoiding various hazards. You must also find switches to open doors and shoot down breakable walls to find hidden areas.


Atari Jaguar I-War

The giant supercomputer that controls the world’s information was infected with a viruses. Enter the virtual world known as the I-Wayand wipe out the virus with your anti-virus tank. Game Play consists of 20 levels where you must find all the data pods before making your way to the exit. However, there are many enemy craft and traps that will do their best to stop you.

Iron Soldier

Atari Jaguar Iron Soldier

The earth is covered with wastelands and cities and the Iron First Corporation has replaced the last forms of free government. They are developing a 42-foot armed robot known as the Iron Soldier. As a member of the resistance group, you must pilot a captured Iron Soldier prototypes and bring down the Iron Fist corporation.

Iron Soldier 2

Atari Jaguar Iron Soldier 2

Iron Soldier 2 puts you back in the pilot’s seat of a 42 foot Iron Fist. The old Iron Fist corporation is now replaced with a democratic republic. However, the peace is short lived as PENTA corporation is threatening the new Republic. Your mission is to stop PENTA’s advances using the Iron Fist and to help in your goal, your have new weapons.

Kasumi Ninja

Atari Jaguar Kasumi Ninja

There exists a portal between this world and the Netherworld. For many centuries, the portal has been kept closed by the balance between good and evil forces. The dark ninja lord Gyaku has defeated the forces of good and has opened the portal. Your mission is to stop Gyaku and restore balance to the world.

Missile Command 3D

Atari Jaguar Missile Command 3D

Missile Command 3D is an update to the very popular 1980s Atari arcade game. The goal in Missile Command is simple. You must defend your cities against an onslaught of missiles coming from the sky with your arsenal of three anti-missile flak cannons.


Atari Jaguar Myst

Myst is a first-person point and click adventure where you controls a character known as The Stranger. Magically transported into the world described in the book, you need to explore Myst Island and solve its mysteries. The game is presented as a series of scenes where the player acts with the environment by clicking and manipulating objects.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Atari Jaguar NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Play two on two arcade basketball with players from all the NBA teams. Game play is fast and full of action with special moves including SuperJam power-ups, wild celebrations and deliberately unrealistic jamming. Players are rated out of ten on eight ability categories, from steals and blocks to dunks and 3-pointers.

NBA Tournament Jam

Atari Jaguar NBA Tournament Jam

Play two on two arcade basketball all the players from the NBA teams. Game play is fast and action-packed with special moves including SuperJam power-ups, wild celebrations and deliberately unrealistic jamming. Four players are supported and this allows for four players to face each other in teams of two.

Pinball Fantasies

Atari Jaguar Pinball Fantasies

The sequel features four new tables. The tables are: 1) Partyland 2) Speed Devils 3) Billion Dollar Gameshow 4) Stones ‘n’ Bones. Game play has not changed much and is still contains realistic physics, multi-player options and a high score table.

Pitfall II: The Mayan Adventure

Atari Jaguar Pitfall II: The Mayan Adventure

Once again, you play adventurer Pitfall Harry Jr in your search for his father Pitfall Harry. Battle your way through the Mayan jungles, waterfalls and deserted mines in this fast paced game.

Power Drive Rally

Atari Jaguar Power Drive Rally

Power Drive Rally features real cars and tracks based on locations around the world. The main game mode provides a season of championship racing. You will encounter several types of of races.

Primal Rage

Atari Jaguar Primal Rage

A meteor struck the Earth and caused great chaos and significant damage across the planet. The event caused the awakening of seven ancient gods. Seeing the chaos, they begin to take back control of the post-apocalyptic world. Primal Rage is a one-on-one fighting game featuring dinosaurs and giant apes as the fighters.


Atari Jaguar Protector

Haven-7 is a planetesimal near Earth whose inhabitants are in grave danger. Aliens are headed there and plan to terraform Haven-7 that will annihilate every living thing. Use your last remaining spaceship to protect Haven-7 from the aliens.


Atari Jaguar Raiden

Earth is occupied by extra-terrestrials while the World Alliance of Nations has developed a supersonic attack fighter, Raiden. Pilot this experimental fighter. Your mission is to destroy the alien warships that just happen to look like odd variations of typical military tanks and planes with gadgets attached to them.

Ruiner Pinball

Atari Jaguar Ruiner Pinball

Ruiner Pinball is a collection of two fantasy pinball tables: 1) Ruiner: Ruiner is a two screen wide table that features flashy scaling and rotation effects with lots of ramps and animated moving targets 2) Tower: Tower is an extra-tall table that features a medieval horror motif that contains animated targets and scaling effects.

Soccer Kid

Atari Jaguar Soccer Kid

Aliens attempting to steal the World Cup have crashed trying to flee. As hard as this is to believe, the Cup has been broken and its pieces scattered around the globe. You are Soccer Kid and your goal is to retrieve all the pieces. Your journey will take you to Britain, Italy, Russia, Japan and finally the States.

Space Ace

Atari Jaguar Space Ace

Following the success of Dragon’s Lair, Don Bluth released this second conversion of his Laserdisc games series. You are Dexter. You must fight the evil madman Borf who kidnapped your girlfriend Kimberly. To make things worse, he is now threatening the world with his dreaded weapon, that turns adults into small children. You must must guide Dexter through many deadly scenes to advance to the next screen.

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