Atari 7800 Games Starting with Fe to Ki

Fight Night

Atari 8-bit Fight Night

You must face 11 different opponents on your way to becoming the new champ. Each boxer has strength and weaknesses, along with one super punch. There are four different modes of play: Training, Sparring, Tournament, and Main Event. Tournament is a two player versus mode.


Atari 8-bit Frogger

Another big hit of the 80s that has managed to find itself ported to modern game consoles. Essentially, gameplay is all about getting across the road. Avoid cars, trucks and other nasty things trying to kill you. Level-up by getting across the road, however, each successive level increases in difficulty.


Atari 8-bit Galaxian

Galaxian is a shoot ’em up in which the player is at the bottom of the screen, with an arrangement of aliens at the top. The player moves left and right to aim at an alien, then shoots a bullet up the screen, and the alien it hits is killed. The aliens are classed as Drones, Emissaries, Hornets and Commanders, with those higher up the screen scoring more points when destroyed.

Gateway to Apshai

Atari 8-bit Gateway to Apshai

Gateway to Apshai is a top-down action-role-playing game. You start off with basic strength, agility, luck and health and your equipment consists of a dagger and leather armour. After generating a dungeon, you must explore the dungeon while watching out for obstacles and various enemies of different strengths and abilities. Increase your abilities, weapons and potions by watching out for items scattered across the game.


Atari 8-bit Gato

While GATO was released as is a submarine simulator to several personal computers such as the Apple II, Atari 8-bit, and Commodore 64, it never made it past the demo stage for the Atari 7800.


Atari 8-bit Gauntlet

Gauntlet is a fantasy-themed arcade game which can be played by one to four players simultaneously, which was highly unique for its day. Each player must chose a charter, each with a different gift and skill: Thor the Warrior, Merlin the Wizard, Thyra the Valkyrie or Questor the Elf.

Gemstone Warrior

Atari 8-bit Gemstone Warrior

Work your way through an underground catacomb in your quest to find five pieces of a gemstone all the while watching out for various enemies such as the guardians of the catacomb. Once you have collected the five gemstone pieces, return back to the beginning where you where you started.


Atari 8-bit Gyrus

To save the solar system, fly your spaceship around nine planets. Starting with a single canon, you can gain another cannon after shooting a power up satellite. Upon clearing each planet, you enter a bonus stage where weapons and bonus points are collected.


Atari 8-bit H.E.R.O.

Your mission is to make your way through the dangerous mineshaft and locate the miners. This must be done before running out of energy and avoiding dangerous creatures and lava. Roderick Hero has some tools to aid in his mission.


Atari 8-bit Hacker

The game starts text screen prompting you for the login password, which is your first puzzle that you must solve. After solving the puzzle, you stumbled upon a conspiracy of global impact. Your mission then becomes one of mystery and intrigue.


Atari 8-bit Hardball!

Hardball was a popular baseball action game designed mostly for home computers with the exception of the Sega Genesis. It supported all baseball rules and replicated the team structure for the National and American Leagues with actual team rosters. You can throw a variety of pitches from fast balls to curve balls, steal bases, select team members, and substitute players as the game is played.


Atari 8-bit Infidel

You have been marooned by your crew in the vast wasteland of the Egyptian Desert. The burning heat causes you to think you are a brave explorer of fortune but you have already been branded an Infidel.


Atari 8-bit Joust

Joust was a very popular game in the 1980s and was ported to many consoles and home computers. Your task is to joust the evil knights. Once the knights have been hit, and egg falls to the ground. Be sure to destroy the eggs before they hatch and release new and increasingly more difficult knights.

Jumpman Junior

Atari 8-bit Jumpman Junior

Jumpman Junior is the sequel to Jumpman with the same style of game play with all new levels. Once again, you must disarm all of the bombs on the level before time runs out.

Jungle Hunt

Atari 8-bit Jungle Hunt

Jungle Hunt contains four unique adventure experiences that repeat with greater difficulty. Gameplay involves a lot of strategic jumping and knife play. In the first adventure you swing on the vines. The second adventure pits you against a whole bunch of nasty crocodiles in a mighty river.

K-Razy Shoot-Out

Atari 8-bit K-Razy Shoot-Out

You are in a maze filled with dangerous robots and your goal is to shoot the robots to earn points. Don’t collide with a robot, robot fire or the maze walls unless you want to give up any of your lives. The game ends when all of your reserve lives have been lost. Complete each section of the game before the timer runs out to earn bonus points. Let the timer run out and loose another life.


Atari 8-bit Karateka

The evil Akuma has destroyed your homeland, killed your friends and kidnapped your Princess. You must fight your way to the palace with each opponent being more difficult than the previous. All the standard karate kicks and punches are available to both you and your foes in a realistic fashion. The game also featured many of cutscenes to develop the story.

Keystone Kapers

Atari 8-bit Keystone Kapers

Harry Hooligan is on the loose once again. You are Officer Keystone Kelly an you primary objective is to capture Hooligan. The game setting is a four story mall. Hooligan is running as fast as he can to reach the exit at the top. He does not want to be caught and is running as fast as he can while through objects in your way to slow you down. Catch up to him and send him back to prison.

Kick Off

Atari 8-bit Kick Off

Kick Off was the first football game of its kind with a top down view. Playing Kick Off requires skills in boll control. Be sure to practice corner kicks, passing, sliding tackles and dribbling before playing a real match to prevent undue frustration.

Kikstart: Off-Road Simulator

Atari 8-bit Kikstart: Off-Road Simulator

This motorcycling stunt game where you get to test your skills through eight courses. Every course has its own level of difficulty and a unique layout of trees, car’s, bus’s and pools of water for you to avoid by jumping your bike over.

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