Atari 7800 Games Starting with Be to Do

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

Atari 8-bit Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

Your mission is to infiltrate Nazi headquarters and seek out bomb agents and plant them outside the door to Hitler’s bunker. Use stealth and the occasional bribe to work your way to Hitler. Do not open up and fire at everything or you will fail in your mission.

BMX Simulator

Atari 8-bit BMX Simulator

In this racing game, there are seven courses incorporating ramps and bumps that significantly affect the bike’s handling. Complete each course before your time is up or it’s game over.

Boulder Dash

Atari 8-bit Boulder Dash

You’re Rockford and have to dig through monster infested caves in search of diamonds. Once you have collected the right amount of diamonds, you progress to the next stage. Squash your enemies with falling boulders that are released when the ground below them is removed or they are pushed onto empty ground. Be careful because these can also squash you.

Bruce Lee

Atari 8-bit Bruce Lee

Your mission is to reach the wizard in an underground lair. Along the way, you must kick and punch out various bad dudes mostly consisting of Ninjas and Green Yamos. Collect the many strategically-placed lanterns before exiting through the passageway revealed after successfully winning the round.

Buck Rogers – Planet of Zoom

Atari 8-bit Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom

Buck Rogers began as a comic strip and later in the 1980s adapted as a TV show. It became an arcade game before being ported to various game consoles and home computers. This Fast and furious racing game taking place on a futuristic racetrack. Guide your spaceship between the pylons and shoot down other enemy racers.

Castle Wolfenstein

Atari 8-bit Castle Wolfenstein

This is the first installment in this revolutionary classic. Your mission is to infiltrate Nazi headquarters in disguise, find the secret war plans hidden in a chest somewhere in the castle and then make it out again. Use stolen passes, money, and ultimately ammunition to accomplish your goal.


Atari 8-bit Centipede

Use your magic wand to kill the nasty bugs that make their way through a mushroom patch. Flea fall straight down towards the player leaving a fresh patch of mushrooms. This is kind of bad because the centipedes are harder to shot.

Championship Lode Runner

Atari 8-bit Championship Lode Runner

The game contains 50 challenging levels and is designed for expert players. First time players may find this game a little frustrating so you have been warned. There is no level editor and you have to play through the levels in order. The game creators are not completely evil as they did provide a save-game option was provided, though you lose one life every time you were restored.


Atari 8-bit Choplifter!

Chopper Command is a side-scrolling action/arcade game. You command of an attack chopper. Your mission is to go behind enemy lines and rescue 16 hostages per level. To prevent you from rescuing the hostages, tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you and won’t stop until you have rescued the hostages.

Conan: Hall of Volta

Atari 8-bit Conan: Hall of Volta

As Conan the Barbarian, you must defeat the evil Volta. You are armed with ten boomerang swords along with magic gems, keys and an Avian Ally that will help you through the diverse levels. Watch out for treacherous obstacles including lava pits, powerful geysers that hurl you into the air, spike pits and floating platforms.

Congo Bongo

Atari 8-bit Congo Bongo

This is a port of the popular jump n run arcade game. Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to run, jump, and climb your way through a dangerous jungle while avoiding various animals and projectiles.


Atari 8-bit Crossbow

You objective is to retrieve stolen treasures from the castle of the Evil Master with several friends. The members of your party are unarmed, but you are bestowed with a crossbow, and hense the name of this game.

Crusade in Europe

Atari 8-bit Crusade in Europe

Crusade in Europe is the descendant of NATO Commander. Sid Meier and Ed Bever, Ph.D. collaborated on Crusade’s design and it paid off in the amount of historical detail. The game’s focus is the European Theater of World War II during 1944-45 with the Normandy liberation being the game’s primary focus

Crypto Cube

Atari 8-bit Crypto Cube

Twenty-themed words are arranged in criss-cross formation over the faces of a cube. When uncovering them words, you will see: 1) a blank square- no points and the turn is over; 2) a vowel- 5 points and another turn; 3) a consonant- you get a question mark. Guess the letter and net yourself 10 points and another turn. However, an incorrect guess takes five points away.

Dark Chambers

Atari 8-bit Dark Chambers

Dark Chambers is very similar to Gauntlet. There are 26 different levels filled with hidden treasures. As with Gauntlet, there are also many dangers that want to see nothing other than your doom. These dangers include zombies, wraiths, skeletons, wizards, and the grim reaper.


Atari 8-bit Defender

Another top, and highly addictive, video game from the 1980s, Defender puts players in charge of a ship sent to protect mankind from wave after wave of attacking alien forces. Armed with smart bombs and a hyperdrive fight against bombers, pods, swarmers, baiters, and landers. The landers are the worst as they capture the humanoids and transform them into deadly and relentless Mutants.

Demon Attack

Atari 8-bit Demon Attack

Demon Attack is another space shoot-em up game modelled after Space Invaders. Use your laser cannon to destroy wave after wave of brightly coloured demons. The demons move around the screen in bizarre patterns. Oddly enough, they want to destroy your cannn and you along with it.

Donkey Kong

Atari 8-bit Donkey Kong

Released in the arcades in 1981, Donkey Kong became a smash hit as was soon ported over to all popular gaming platforms of the time. In fact, the game has become so popular that it is still being ported over to modern gaming platforms. Mario must scale four different industrial levels: construction zone, cement factory, an elevator-themed level, and removing rivets from girders.


Atari 8-bit Drol

You play a robot that can fly and shoot. Your goal is to rescue children that are wandering around each level. Levels consist of rows of platforms with gaps which can be jumped through to go up or down a vertical level. Watch out for various obstacles and creatures that will try and do you in.


Atari 8-bit Feud

Wizards Learic and Leanoric have a long-standing feud, and would do anything to see off their rival. As Learic, this is your task. Collect herbs in order to make and cast spells. The game contains 24 herbs and flowers that must be collected. From these plants, you can make as many as 12 spells.

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