Atari 7800 Games Starting with Aa to Fa

3D Asteroids

Atari 7800 3D Asteroids

Asteroids was a highly popular game in the Arcade before it was ported to many game consoles and home computers. As a spaceship pilot trapped in the asteroid belt, blast your way out of the asteroids. Each time you shoot one of the asteroids, it will break up into smaller pieces and these pieces move faster that the original piece. Eventually the pieces will become small enough that they can be destroyed.

Ace of Aces

Atari 7800 Ace of Aces

You are in charge of a British Royal Air Force Mosquito fighter bomber. Your mission, in this flight simulator is stop enemy trains, intercept the German V-1 buzz bombs, sink the German U-boats and down the Nazi bombers.

Alien Brigade

Atari 7800 Alien Brigade

Aliens have arrived on earth. They have brainwashed soldiers and civilians set on stopping taking over the world. Your job is simple, you must stop them at all cists. On each of the five levels, complete the objectives such as saving civilians and destroying alien installations. You must shoot the brainwashed people as well as the aliens. Take care of their tanks and helicopters as well.

Barnyard Blaster

Atari 7800 Barnyard Blaster

Having invested in a farm, you must protect it from various creatures that are determined to drive you away. This game uses the Atari XG-1 light gun as well as the joystick. Your goal is to rid your farm of vermin by shooting targets in each of three levels. Between each level you play Grampa’s bonus screen. In order to proceed through each level, you must achieve a certain percentage of shooting accuracy. At the end of the game you’re given a ranking depending on how well you did.


Atari 7800 Basketbrawl

In a desperate attempt to stop inner-city gang wars, the city leaders organised a basketball league. The league is scheduled to play on three courts: a street, a junkyard, and a rooftop. Each player without the ball can jump to block a shot or punch there opponent to get the ball. Unlike regular basketball, you may punch other players to get the ball. Oh, and one more thing, the referee does not call fouls, but does hurl knives at the players.


Atari 7800 Centipede

Use your magic wand to kill the nasty bugs that make their way through a mushroom patch. Flea fall straight down towards the player leaving a fresh patch of mushrooms. This is kind of bad because the centipedes are harder to shot. The Scorpion runs from side to side across the screen, turning mushrooms into poisonous toadstool, which cause the Centipede to behave irrationally and dive bomb the player, also not so good.


Atari 7800 Choplifter!

Chopper Command is a side-scrolling action/arcade game. You command of an attack chopper. Your mission is to go behind enemy lines and rescue 16 hostages per level. To prevent you from rescuing the hostages, tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you and won’t stop until you have rescued the hostages.


Atari 7800 Commando

Another popular game from the 1980s. Fight through several levels in this arcade conversion. Armed with only a standard rifle and a few grenades, take on the hordes of Nazis. Some are wandering around in the open while others have picked out hiding places, which you must approach from certain angles. Use the trees, rivers and bridges when developing your combat tactics. Be sure to collect grenades and always have a few ready as they will become life savers at critical moments.


Atari 7800 Crack'ed

You are thrilled to find out that some rare South American hornbills have nested in one of your trees. You mission is to defend the birds nests from a barrage of marauding creatures. If you hit an egg-carrying bird, be quick to catch the egg before it hits the ground. At the same time, watch out for snakes that may be sneaking up to nests and gobbling eggs. After some time has passed, you get to the eggs to another nesting site.

Crazy Valet

Atari 7800 Crazy Valet

The object of the game is to move your car to the exit by moving it and the other cars in the parking lot.


Atari 7800 Crossbow

You objective is to retrieve stolen treasures from the castle of the Evil Master with several friends. The members of your party are unarmed, but you are bestowed with a crossbow, and hense the name of this game. Using the crossbow, take out any hostile enemies that get in the way of your friends as they cross the screen. There are many different landscapes to be crossed, each with its own variety of dangers.

Dark Chambers

Atari 7800 Dark Chambers

Dark Chambers is very similar to Gauntlet. There are 26 different levels filled with hidden treasures. As with Gauntlet, there are also many dangers that want to see nothing other than your doom. These dangers include zombies, wraiths, skeletons, wizards, and the grim reaper. Each of the creatures in the game has a different strength. But what is real nasty about this game is that when a creature is shot, it transforms into the next weaker creature. Personally, I think this is cruel, but hey, its still a fun game.

Defender 2

Atari 7800 Defender 2

This game was originally released named as Stargate. However, after some copyright issues, the name was changed.

Demon Attack

Atari 7800 Demon Attack

Demon Attack is another space shoot-em up game modelled after Space Invaders. Use your laser cannon to destroy wave after wave of brightly coloured demons. The demons move around the screen in bizarre patterns. Oddly enough, they want to destroy your cannn and you along with it. When the required number of demons for the current round is finally destroyed, you advance to another, more difficult round. This goes on until death becomes you.

Desert Falcon

Atari 7800 3D Desert Falcon

This arcade style shooter is based on the premise of stealing as many treasures as possible to earn points. The game features several scrolling desert landscapes. As you may have suspected already, there are plenty of obstacles to prevent you from your dastardly deeds such as vultures, warriors, flying fish, sphinxes. If you think that is bad, well, get read for the boss! At the end of each level you have to face a large howling sphinx before you can level up.

Dig Dug

Atari 7800 Dig Dug

Dig Dug is another Arcade port and is considered one of the top arcade games on the 1980s. So popular that the game is still being ported to generations 7 consoles. Dig Dug is pretty much the same in concept as Pac-man, but instead of eating cookies while moving through a maze of hallways, Dig Dug has you digging you own maze of tunnels while avoiding creatures that want you dead.

Donkey Kong

Atari 7800 Donkey Kong

Released in the arcades in 1981, Donkey Kong became a smash hit as was soon ported over to all popular gaming platforms of the time. In fact, the game has become so popular that it is still being ported over to modern gaming platforms. Mario must scale four different industrial levels: construction zone, cement factory, an elevator-themed level, and removing rivets from girders. Why you may ask, well, Mario must save the damsel in distress, Pauline, from the big ape before the timer runs out.

Donkey Kong Jr

Atari 7800 Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr. while popular, never quite reach the same level of fame as did the original game. In this sequel, Mario plays the antagonist, finally having captured Donkey Kong. Locked in a cage, you must try to save him. However, this won’t be difficult as Mario will send out snap jaws, swooping purple birds, and electric sparks in an attempt to stop Junior.

Dr. J and Larry Bird go One on One

Atari 7800 Dr. J and Larry Bird go One on One

Play as either Julius Irving or Larry Bird on a one-on-one match. When you are on the offense, rotate to keep away from your rival. When on the defensive, take your rival’s ball or jump up to block a shot.

F-18 Hornet

Atari 7800 F-18 Hornet

F-18 Hornet is a one-player fighter simulator where you pilot a Navy F/A-18 Jet through a series of simulated combat situations including carrier take-offs and landings, bombings, strafings, and air combat. You are confronted with a variety of opponents and must perform a series of combat objectives in order from the Naval Aviator rank.

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