Atari 7800 Games Starting with Pa to Zz

Pete Rose Baseballt

Atari 7800 Pete Rose Baseball

Game play follows the rules of baseball with incredible life-like graphics in this multi-teamed game. It provides a great level of depth never before seen on a game console.


Atari 7800 Pit-Fighter

Pit-Fighter is a 3rd-person fighting game featuring digitised graphics of real fighters. Players select one of three fighters: Buzz, Ty or Kato. At the conclusion of a match, players are individually awarded a Knockout Bonus, Brutality Bonus, and a Fight Purse.

Planet Smashers

Atari 7800 Planet Smashers

Planet Smashers is a vertical scrolling shooter game much like Xevious. Power ups are captured by destroying cargo ships and include improved weapons, shield restoration and a cloaking ability. Cargo ships also drop warp capsules that player needs to collect in order to proceed to the level boss.The Earth shield is something novel in planet smashers that Xevious does not have. The shield protects the earth against your enemies.

Pole Position 2

Atari 7800 Pole Position II

Drive your F-1 racer around four tracks. Make the qualifying time in order to grab a pole position in the race to come.


Atari 7800 Rampage

Rampage is another top arcade hit that was ported to many game consoles and home computers during the late 1980s. The story is that George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary people, until an experiment went terribly, terribly wrong. The end result is that they turned into a Gorilla, a Lizard and a Werewolf respectively. Upset about the whole issue, they decide to go round destroying buildings.

RealSports Baseball

Atari 7800 RealSports Baseball

Baseball is part of Atari’s Realsports series supporting both one and two player games. The game supports bunting, stealing bases, and throwing several types of pitches from a fast ball to a curve ball. Several game variations are included which allow you to select whether the home or visiting team is at bat first, and whether or not a player can swing only at pitches that are a strike, or they can swing at any pitch.

Robotron 2084

Atari 7800 Robotron 2084

In this popular and timeless game, robots and mankind are at war. Robots have taken over the earth and are bent on destroying the last surviving human family. Your mission is to destroy the robots and protect the last humans.

Scrapyard Dog

Atari 7800 Scrapyard Dog

You play the role of Louie, the junkyard guy, who’s dog has been dognapped by Mr. Big. Use your bombs and cans to defeat your enemies such as gangsters, rats and mice. You also have shields to protect yourself on your journey through the 16 checkpoints to recover your dog. However, there is a time limit for each check point.


Atari 7800 Sentinel

This was the only game for the 7800 that was originally released in PAL format only. Sentinel is a light gun game where you are in charge of protecting the Sentinel from attack. The game features four stages that each have its own level boss. The large orange Sentinel acts as a smart bomb, destroying everything on the screen.


Atari 7800 Spiderdroid

It’s the future, when droids do battle. Send your Spiderdroid in to capture a building by covering the structure with its unbreakable Droidweb. Your Spiderdroid lays down a web strand as it crawls along each girder. Once you have strung a web strand completely around an opening, the Spiderdroid flings a web over that opening.

Summer Games

Atari 7800 Summer Games

The popular Summer Games was ported to many game consoles and home computers. The game-play is similar to the other entries in Epyx games series. Choose your country and then take turns competing for the gold medal! The game allows eight players to compete in all of the events or any number of events. There are also practice sessions.

Super Huey UH-IX

Atari 7800 Super Huey UH-IX

You pilot a Huey UH-IX in this simulation game. The UH-IX is an experimental helicopter. Your mission is to test it out in several game modes. In flight school mode, learn to fly the helicopter. You will be guided through takeoff, flight and landing.

Super Skatebordin’

Atari 7800 Super Skatebordin'

Your job is to navigate the many factory rooms and turn off all the electrical equipment in 15 minutes. Keeping things on will cause your electricity bill will skyrocket. Your wage is based on how fast you complete the task. In order to enter the Skateboarding, you need to raise money, so complete your tasks as quickly as possible.

Tank Command

Atari 7800 Tank Command

You control a tank on a mission to capture the enemy flag and earn points in the process.Do this by blasting your way through their defences on three levels of increasing difficulty. Blocking your progress are enemy tanks, pillboxes, missiles, jeeps and infantry. Your tank is equipped with a limited amount of fuel and ammo all of which can be filled by collecting the bonus icons as they appear on your screen.

Tower Topper

Atari 7800 Tower Topper

You goal is to blow up eight towers because they are poisoning the water of planets that you are trying to colonise. You must make your way to the top of these towers in order to be successful. Climb your way to the top using walkways around the outside of the towers. To survive your climb, jump over, kick and run from various enemies.

Winter Games

Atari 7800 Winter Games

Another in a series of popular Epyx games series. Like those that preceded the Winter Games you can play with up to eight players in a series of games. Choose your country and then select to play all the games, play a few games or just practice a particular game over and over. Some console may have more games or less games.


Atari 7800 Xenophobe

After a distress call was received from a space station orbiting your home world, then complete silence. However, a single ship managed to leave the planet. The pilot tells a tale of pods that hatch into acid-spitting Xenos.


Atari 7800 Xevious

Xevious was a scrolling first-person shooter, and while a common game form today, was a new style of game play in 1982. Coupled with the graphics and game play, Xevious became very popular in arcades and was soon ported to all the popular game consoles and home computers of the time.

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