Atari 2600 Games Starting with A to As

3D Tic Tac Toe

Atari 2600 3D Tic Tac Toe

Not much to say here if you have ever played the game tic-tac-tie. This Atari game represents this popular game. There are nine games. Game nine is a two player game. While each game from 1 through 8 gets harder, careful understanding of tic-tac-toe can have you win each time. Play well and the worst a player can do is come in a tie. Play very well and win.


Atari 2600 A-Team

Your mission is to guide the A-Team through two dangerous missions. The first mission will have you travel to the Morania desert in order to reduce a dangerous group of terrorists. The second one mission has you out to destroy a military base located in Tirania. Be cautious as there is an invasion coming from the neighbouring countries. Use your N-16 A2 rifle to defeat your enemies.


Atari 2600 Adventure

Adventure is considered by many to be the first action-adventure game and was inspired by a text game, Colossal Cave Adventure. Atari management, however, did not believe that an action-adventure game was viable, yet the game went to sell one million copies and was one of Atari’s top games ever made for the 2600 console. Warren Robinett included a hidden message in the game identifying himself as the game’s creator. This was significant as Atari did not give credit to its game developers. A sequel to Adventure was announced in early 1982 but was abandonded in place of Swordquest game series.

Adventures Of Tron

Atari 2600 Adventures Of Tron

Adventures of TRON is based on the Walt Disney movie TRON. Adventures of TRON was also packaged with TRON: Deadly Discs and a special blue TRON joystick. Consumers who bought the games separately could also send in proof of purchase and get a free joystick.

Air Raiders

Atari 2600 Air Raiders

Air Radiers was originally called Air Battle during development. Collectors should take note that the prototypes are out there and identified by a white label with black text.

Air Sea Battle

Atari 2600 Air Sea Battle

Games end after 2 minutes, 16 seconds of play, or when either player scores 99 points. The score will flash in the last 16 seconds to show that the game is nearing the end. Point scoring for each game is noted in that game’s instruction. The Difficulty switches on the Atari Video Computer System console controls the size of the missile. In Position “A” the missile is one-fourth the size of position “B”.


Atari 2600 Airlock

As the game name may indicate, you are trapped in an Airlock of a disabled nuclear submarine. And of course, it is resting perviously on an undersea ledge, has begun taking on water. All does not look well. With time running out for you and your crew, and with the onboard torpedoes shaken loose by an eerie current from deep under the sea floor, you alone must decide whether you sink or swim!

Alfred Challenge

Atari 2600 Alfred Challenge

The joystick control is awkward and the reaction time slow. The game features ladders to go up and down. And ropes which you can only slide down non-stop. Alfred, looks like Humpty Dumpty. There are two different types of monsters which travel at different speeds just to make it interesting. There are disappearing floor sections that you must cross whenever you can. The game is very similar to the board game snakes and ladders.


Atari 2600 Alien

In Alien, like the movie, your job is to run through the hallways of your space ship and crush all the Alien Eggs. There are also plenty of adult Aliens to kill or run away from. Be sure to grab as many prizes as possible.

Allia Quest

Atari 2600 Allia Quest

Allia Quest is a fast-paced game that seems easy at first but quickly gets more difficult like most games of this period. The game proves to be very challenging for even the most experienced 2600 gamers. Collectors note: Allia Quest was released in limited quantities at Classic Gaming Expo 2001 and included a box, manual, and limited edition label.

Alligator People

Atari 2600 Alligator People

Your mission is to rescue five friends who have been captured by the Alligator people. However, your life gets more difficult as your friends have been infected by the serum that is slowly turning your friends into the alligator people. Fight your way through numerous enemies and obstacles as you search for the serum. Take more time and you require more serum.

Alpha Beam with Ernie

Atari 2600 Alpha Beam with Ernie

An educational game featuring the Sesame Street Muppets and other whimsical characters. Alpha Beam is unique in that it includes opportunities for cooperation and encouragement. It is a great game for young children and their parents.


Atari 2600 Amidar

In Amidar you are a gorilla in a maze pursued by lots of wild warriors! The gorilla wants to colour in the maze and the warriors want to do in the gorilla. It’s a simple concept, too bad everyone can’t get along, but then again, we would not have a gam would we? Keep the gorilla ahead of the patrolling pack while you guide him on his colouring spree through the maze. If successful, you will instantly become a paint roller pursued by patrolling pigs in another fast race. It almost sounds like a bad dream in candyland.


Atari 2600 Anteater

Anteater is an arcade maze game where you play an anteater that uses your sticky tongue to eat ants and worms. Do all this while avoiding nasties like spiders biting his tongue.

Arcade Golf

Atari 2600 Arcade Golf

Simulating a Miniature Golf course, Arcade Golf attempts to refine your sense of timing and your perceptiveness in judging distance. A variety of obstacles are placed in your path to the cup. Depending on the game selected, the course can be played as by either one or two players. Arcade Golf variation is a nine-hole half-course. The rules are simple and follow those of any miniature golf course. You can position the club to adjust the strength and angle of how the ball is hit. Regardless of the number of strokes, the next hole will not come up until the ball ends up in the hole.

Arcade Pinball

Atari 2600 Arcade Pinball

In Arcade Pinball the game begins with three balls and need to score as many points as possible by hitting the various bumpers, spinners, and rollovers on the pinball table. Extra balls can be earned by hitting the Atari logo rollover four times in a row! There are two difficulty levels and four game variations included in this two player game: though it can be played as a single player too.

Armour Ambush

Atari 2600 Armour Ambush

Armour Ambush is a two player action tank game. The goal is simple: destroy your opponent with three hits. The battlefields is never the same. Tanks move at average speed on grass, fast on roads, slow through trees, and slowest through water. In higher difficulties, watch out for ricochet shots.

Artillery Duel

Atari 2600 Artillery Duel

Once the terrain is drawn, soldiers install the gun emplacements. Players then take turns lobbing shots at one another beginning with player 1. The gun control panel appearing at the top of the screen has five green buttons for controlling barrel angle, powder charge, and firing the gun. Your rank effects your play. The most noticeable effect is the size of the destruction pattern made by the impact of your hit: rank Private has the largest pattern.


Atari 2600 Assult

A mothership drops up to three aliens on screen at a time. Your mission is to shoot them while avoiding their fire. If you overheat or are hit by an enemy, a life is lost. The game is over when you lose all lives or reach a score of 999,999. A new life is granted every 10,000 points up to 40,000.


Atari 2600 AStar

AStar is a new puzzle game where you must collect all the items on a level. You can only move in a straight line until you hit something where you can then change your direction and again move forward until you hit a wall. The game gets difficult as you must complete each level with the fewest number of moves.

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