Atari 2600 Games Starting with Ua to Zz

Universal Chaos

Atari 2600 Universal Chaos

This is a simple you versus them tank game. The more tanks you take out, the more furious the enemy will be after you. There are four difficulty levels and the option to have two players play competitively, each taking their turn.

Up ‘n Down

Atari 2600 Up 'n Down

Collect the coloured flags as you drive around the curved course. This game offers a few cartoon like options like jumping over gaps, other cars and jumping on to other cars. By landing on another car, they are taken out of the race and you collect bonus points. You can also collect things like balloons and ice cream cones for bonus points. The faster you collect all the flags, the bigger a time bonus you get. If you are hit by another vehicle or go off the course, you lose a life. In two player games, play alternates.


Atari 2600 Vanguard

Your must pilot your spaceship to the City of Mystery that is located at the end of a heavily guarded tunnel. The tunnel is broken up into several different zones: ,Mountain zone, Rainbow zone, Stick zone, Stripe zone, Bleak zone, City of Mystery. Each zone features different enemy spaceships, some more powerful than others. In the mountain zone or stripe zone, you may also come across an energy pod marked with an ‘E’. Fly through this marker and become invincible. Otherwise, use your ship’s lasers to help destroy enemies.

Vault Assult

Atari 2600 Vault Assult

Vault Assault is based on Space Zap.


Atari 2600 Venture

Venture was a popular arcade game of the early 1980s and was ported to several game consoles. This is a treasure collect type game. Search the dungeons for the treasures and protect yourself against the deadly creatures with your crossbow. Once you snag the treasure, head for the exit. When you collect the treasure from each of the chambers in a dungeon, you can then move on to the next, more difficult dungeon.

Video Checkers

Atari 2600 Video Checkers

Checkers is a complete computerised version of the popular board game following the same rules. As with the board game, the object is to remove all of your opponents pieces from the checker board. This is accomplished by moving your pieces diagonally forward on the board. Your opponents pieces are removed from play once the piece was jumped.

Video Chess

Atari 2600 Video Chess

Videochess uses standard U. S. chess rules. Difficulty switches. The difficulty switches do make a difference in game play. Setting the switch to A and the computer plays white and moves first. Setting the switch to B and you play white and move first. Your pieces always start on the bottom of the screen, irregardless of color.

Video Olympics

Atari 2600 Video Olympics

Unlike the Epyx series of games, Video Olympics many games with many variations of the game Pong. Use the paddles on the screen and attempt to prevent a bouncing ball from getting past you. Some game variations add paddles and obstacles.

Video Pinball

Atari 2600 Video Pinball

The game begins with three balls. Just like the real thing, keep the balls in motion and try to get the best score by hitting the various bumpers, spinners, and rollovers on the pinball table. Earn an extra ball by hitting the Atari logo rollover four times in a row.


Atari 2600 Wabbit

You are farmer Billie Sue who is having trouble protecting his carrot crops. The field is being overrun by rabbits and you are hired to chase them away. On each side of the screen are five rabbit holes. Throw your rotten eggs at the rabbits as they come running out of the holes to steel the carrots. Every time a rabbit gets away with a carrot you get a point. For every 100 points you earn, the rabbits will lose 25 points. The game ends when the rabbits have reached 100 points.

Wall Ball

Atari 2600 Wall Ball

Play racquetball in this 3D simulator.


Atari 2600 Warlords

Defend yourself from three human and or three computer players. Either way, you will face three other players. Each player occupies a corner of the screen. You control a small shield which can be moved around the edge of the castle. To survive, use your shield to block a ball that bounces around the screen. If the ball hits your castle, it will take out some of the bricks.


Atari 2600 Warplock

Taking aim at the tormenters swarming outside your space craft’s main View Port, you must destroy the space bandits’ ships before they get you. At the same time, you must avoid the Photon Bombs with which some of your attackers are equipped.

Warring Worms

Atari 2600 Warring Worms

Warring Worms is like an advanced version of the classic Atari game Surround. While avoiding walls, each worm can shoot a cannon that will destroy a single block on the playing field, or kill the opposing worm.

Winter Games

Atari 2600 Winter Games

Another in a series of popular Epyx games series. Like those that preceded the Winter Games you can play with up to eight players in a series of games. Choose your country and then select to play all the games, play a few games or just practice a particular game over and over.
Games offered include: Ski jump, Hot Dog, Biathlon, Bobsled, Free Skating, Figure Skating. Some console may have more games or less games.

Wizard of Wor

Atari 2600 Wizard of Wor

You control a warrior who is trapped in a dungeon. Earn points by shooting the numerous enemy creatures which wander about the maze. The creatures wander about at different speeds and will shoot darts at you. Some will even disappear for a brief period. Use your radar to locate these invisible creatures. After completing a maze, be ready with the fire button to destroy a Worluk. He won’t always appear, but when he does, you will be awarded double points in the next dungeon if he is killed.

Worm War 1

Atari 2600 Worm War 1

As the worms move back and forth, you must shoot them so they don’t touch your tank. Try not to shoot fuel pagodas for obvious reasons. To refuel, simply touch these pagodas. In the two player games, you have selections on co-operative or competitive. In co-op, you have the same points and fuel tank. When one tank refuels, it refuels both. In competitive, you each have a score and fuel tank. You compete to get enemies and fuel.


Atari 2600 Xenophobe

After a distress call was received from a space station orbiting your home world, then complete silence. However, a single ship managed to leave the planet. The pilot tells a tale of pods that hatch into acid-spitting Xenos. A small band of engineers were dispatched to combat the Xeno threat before it takes over all the space stations and, eventually, your home world. Assemble your band of engineers and fight the Xenos on each station, striving to either clear it or abandon it.

Yar’s Revenge

Atari 2600 Yar's Revenge

Destroy the Qotile laser-base that is located on the right side of the screen behind the shield. Controlling the fly-like Yar, which can destroy the shield piece by piece by either shooting at it or running into it. Once the shield is down, use the Zorlon cannon to destroy the Qotile. The Qotile isn’t completely unarmed against your attacks. Wandering around the screen is a destroyer missile that homes in on your Yar. The missile cannot be destroyed though it is possible to temporarily hide from it in a shield.


Atari 2600 Zaxxon

Your goal is to defeat the Zaxxon defence system The game has three stages, first taking you through Asteroid City that is heavily protected by aircraft, guns and missiles. Stage two is a space shoot out against hordes of enemy aircraft. Those you failed to destroy in the first part of the task. Complete this and you reach the final battle with Zaxxon.

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