Atari 2600 Games Starting with St to Tu

Star Wars: Ewok Adventure

Atari 2600 Star Wars: Ewok Adventure

This prototype appears to be finished and playable. The PAL version of this game was discovered by a European collector in 2000 and was released to the public at the 2001 Eurocon classic gaming convention. The NTSC version of Ewok Adventure has not been released.

Star Wars: Jedi Arena

Atari 2600 Star Wars: Jedi Arena

In Jedi Arena, you have to face an opponent in the arena to see who is the true Jedi master. Wandering throughout the arena is a seeker which is capable of firing laser bolts. To be victorious you need to destroy your opponents shield by having the seeker fire laser bolts at it. You are armed only with a light saber which is used to control the direction of the laser bolts you fire, as well as block incoming fire from your opponent.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Atari 2600 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Death Star Battle is based on the events of Star Wars, Part 6: Return of the Jedi. As with the movie, your task is to destroy the Death Star before construction is complete. You enter the game just outside the Death Star’s shield perimeter. Combat the imperial vessels and avoid the death ray. Once there is an opening in the energy shield, slip through to begin the next level of the game.


Atari 2600 Stargunner

A deadly alien squadron launches its attack and it is up to you to stop it.

Stellar Track

Atari 2600 Stellar Track

This is an Atari 2600 version of a Star Trek game found on many college mainframes. There are no graphics, only text. You do use the joystick but interact with the text screen.

Street Racer

Atari 2600 Street Racer

Street Racer is an action racing game for one to four players played from an overhead view. The screen is split into two lanes.


Atari 2600 Stronghold

You were sent to an abandoned asteroid base called Stronghold as part of a routine check of the abandoned base. However, once there, drones are launched from the surface. It appears that someone did not turn off the automatic defense system still works. Shoot the drones. If the drones are insets, you need only shoot one and the rest will be destroyed.

Submarine Commander

Atari 2600 Submarine Commander

The object of the game is to sink as many enemy ships as possible.

Summer Games

Atari 2600 Summer Games

The popular Summer Games was ported to many game consoles and home computers. The game-play is similar to the other entries in Epyx games series. Choose your country and then take turns competing for the gold medal! The game allows eight players to compete in all of the events or any number of events. There are also practice sessions.

Super Challenge Baseball

Atari 2600 Super Challenge Baseball

Super Challenge Baseball is the Atari version of the Intellivision Major League Baseball cartridge.

Super Cobra

Atari 2600 Super Cobra

You are a chopper pilot on a surveillance mission in enemy territory. Your goal, make it through various obstacle courses alive and score points. Tall buildings, mountains, narrow tunnels and various enemies such as tanks, rockets and mines can all get in the way and destroy your chopper. The chopper is armed with a machine gun and bombs that can be used to destroy the enemy tanks and rockets. To make the task more difficult, your chopper has a limited amount of fuel.

SwordQuest: Earth World

Atari 2600 SwordQuest: Earth World

This is pretty much a textbook adventure game. You send your time going from room to room, finding and dropping items, beating the action stages in order to find more items. You will notice the odd set of numbers flash at you if you get the right combination of items in the right rooms. These numbers are actually a combination of a page number and a panel number in the comic book that came with the game.

Tank Brigade

Atari 2600 Tank Brigade

As a tapeworm, you move about the bean patch, eating beans and each bean you eat has you grow longer. As the beans appear randomly in the patch, eat them right away before the beetle gets to them. If the beetle gets to the bean right before you get there, two more beans will appear in the patch and two more beans are added to the count.


Atari 2600 Tapper

Tapper is another popular 1980s Arcade style game that was ported to many console and home computers and it is still being ported to modern console today. As a beer tapper you must work hard to serve demanding beer customers. In this bar, there are four bar lanes with customers appearing at random points along. Send them a bear and when they are done, which is pretty quick, they send the mug back for a refill.


Atari 2600 Threshold

Threshold is a simple Shoot’em up game. Use your spaceship to shoot several enemy formations. Working against you is time. Be quick in clearing the waves of invaders as you only get extra fuel after defeating several waves. Your laser tends to get hot so don’t over use it — make every shot count. Once the laser has overheated, it will stop firing and you will be forced to wait until it cooled down while slowly running out of fuel.

Time Pilot

Atari 2600 Time Pilot

Pilot your ship to destroy enemy squadrons. To complete each level, you must meet your quota of enemies. But before you can move on to the next level, you must beat the boss. Your starting level is in the year 1910. As you level-up, you also advance in time. As you move through time, the enemy combatants become tougher. Eventually, you will have to face flying saucers. From time to time, you will encounter a parachute; if you run into this, you will earn bonus points.

Towering Inferno

Atari 2600 Towering Inferno

A downtown skyscraper is on fire. People are trapped. Your job is to rescue the survivors from each floor of the building. There are a series of fires blocking your path. Use your hose to put out the fires. Don’t take too long putting out the fire or you will lose survivors. Although it isn’t necessary to put out all of the fires on a floor, you will earn bonus points if you do. Just be sure to balance the points you will get from putting out the fire to the lives that could be lost.

Tron: Deadly Disks

Atari 2600 Tron: Deadly Disks

You are trapped in a computer world and in order to avoid being hurt, you must keep moving. The enemies will come at you in groups of three throwing discs at you. You must be quick to move and shot back at the same time. There are different doors you can enter that will teleport you to another part of the room, giving you a chance to catch the enemies off guard. Be careful as the better you do, the better your enemies will do.


Atari 2600 Tutankham

Explorer King Tut’s tomb in a search for valuable treasures. In addition to the treasures, you will also find a key in each of the chambers. The key is needed in order to unlock the entrance to the next, more difficult chamber. There are many creatures in the tomb that are bent no killing you such as cobras, bats and scorpions to name a few. Defend yourself with your laser gun. In each of the mazes you are also give one flash grenade which can be used to destroy all creatures currently on the screen.

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