Atari 2600 Games Starting with Ra to Ro


Atari 2600 Rampage

Rampage is another top arcade hit that was ported to many game consoles and home computers during the late 1980s. The story is that George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary people, until an experiment went terribly, terribly wrong. The end result is that they turned into a Gorilla, a Lizard and a Werewolf respectively. Upset about the whole issue, they decide to go round destroying buildings.


Atari 2600 Reactor

Reactor is a conversion of the arcade game. You goal is to prevent a large scale nuclear reactor from melting down! Watch out for the positrons, neutrinos, and photons, which will try and knock you into the wall. To survive, knock all of these attacking particles into the kill wall to destroy them. As you level-up, the reactor core will slowly grow in size, reducing the room you have to manoeuvre.

RealSports Baseball

Atari 2600 RealSports Baseball

Baseball is part of Atari’s Realsports series supporting both one and two player games. The game supports bunting, stealing bases, and throwing several types of pitches from a fast ball to a curve ball. Several game variations are included which allow you to select whether the home or visiting team is at bat first, and whether or not a player can swing only at pitches that are a strike, or they can swing at any pitch.

RealSports Boxing

Atari 2600 RealSports Boxing

Part of the RealSports series from Atari. This game features one or two player modes, with a wide range of moves. There are four characters. Two of them are visibly black and each has a distinct weakness and as such a particular shot is most effective to finish them off. A power bar indicates your strength and how well you are compared to your opponent. When you power bar depletes, the game is over.

Realsports Football

Atari 2600 Realsports Football

Realsports Football is played from a top down point of view. There is a variety of offensive and defensive plays that can be called, along with several skill levels for each player. Each game lasts for 15 minutes. The team with the most points wins!

RealSports Soccer

Atari 2600 RealSports Soccer

Part of Atari’s RealSports series. Soccer is for one or two players. The game is played from an overhead viewpoint. When your team has the ball, control is given tot he player currently dribbling the ball. Unlike other games of its time, you can set the length of each game. When playing against the computer several different skill levels are available.

RealSports Tennis

Atari 2600 RealSports Tennis

Realsports Tennis is played with two players or one player. The game follows tennis rules and features the ability to hit forehand or backhand shots to all areas of the court as well as serves and lobs. You can play a game of singles or doubles, and multiple skill levels are included.

RealSports Volleyball

Atari 2600 RealSports Volleyball

Part of Atari’s Realsports series. Volleyball supports one or two player modes. The game follows traditional volleyball rules with two players per team. The first team to score 15 points wins. You have the ability to serve, set, spike, and block. There are several game variations included, two game difficulties and two player speeds. The easier version of the game has the ball automatically be sent back over the net when hit. In the advanced game, you can set the ball between team mates.

Reindeer Rescue

Atari 2600 Reindeer Rescue

You must help Santa rescue his lost reindeer in a journey that has you starting at the North Pole, racing through frozen tundra, ice caves, suburbia and the big city. However, Santa is not the athlete he used to be and he has grown a little…girthy…around the middle. Along the way Santa will encounter many objects in the air and on the ground–some will help and some will hinder, so be careful.

Rescue Terra I

Atari 2600 Rescue Terra I

Terra I is Earth’s main supplier of Zenbar crystals. These crystals supply 72% of Earth’s energy. Terra I is managed by a highly sophisticated computer system which controls all planetary electromechanical equipment, including the robot driven defense system. Terra’s computer system has been sabotaged. All crystal shipments are being turned over to space pirates who operate in Terra’s quadrant of the universe. Terra I?s own defense systems are being used
to aid these pirates in their activities.

Revenge of the Apes

Atari 2600 Revenge of the Apes

The last thing you remember was a terrible solar storm which caused your spaceship to crash land on the planet. You desperately tried to contact your home base but received no response. After scouting the area you have noticed that there are apes everywhere. And to your surprise they are armed and hunting down all the humans they can find! Your task is to locate the last human stronghold before you are captured by the apes and then turned into a slave for the remainder of your life.

Riddle of the Sphinx

Atari 2600 Riddle of the Sphinx

The only way to lift the curse of Anubis, god of the dead, is by solving the riddle of the Sphinx. Armed with a sling and a pile of rocks you must get past thieves and scorpions. Feel free to trade with the wandering nomads, dig for buried treasure, make offerings to the gods, or seek counsel and healing with Isis, the goddess of fertility and motherhood.

River Patrol

Atari 2600 River Patrol

Control the movement of the River Patrol Boat up the river. Press the fire button to accelerate. Carefully maneuver the boat to save the people. Steer away from the obstacles that can sink your boat.

River Raid

Atari 2600 River Raid

River Raid is a vertically scrolling action game. You fly a jet down the river in an attempt to destroy bridges which are vital to the enemy. This task seems easy at first, but the choppers, tanks and other obstacles will try to shot you down. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge, when it runs out, you loose a life. To refuel, fly over the fuel depots.

River Raid II

Atari 2600 River Raid II

River Raid is a vertically scrolling action game. You fly a jet down the river in an attempt to destroy bridges which are vital to the enemy. This task seems easy at first, but the choppers, tanks and other obstacles will try to shot you down. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge, when it runs out, you loose a life. To refuel, fly over the fuel depots. In River Raid II, the gameplay is similar to the original River Raid, but with a few additions.

Road Runner

Atari 2600 Road Runner

This game was ported from the Arcade by Atari. You play the the Road Runner and must run along the road, avoiding trucks, land mines, falling rocks and avoiding getting caught by Wile E. Coyote. You must also eat birdseed along the way or you will become faint and Wile E. will catch you. And unlike the cartoons, you will be caught if you are not careful. You can get points for eating birdseed and making Wile E. get hit by trucks, falling rocks, etc.

Robin Hood

Atari 2600 Robin Hood

Rescue Maid Marian who is being held by the Sheriff of Nottingham in a castle. Your secondary objectives, as you can well imagine, are to steel from the rich and give tot he poor. The game features various scenes with many levels with different objectives. Game-play takes place on several different screens which have different objectives. You start off in Sherwood Forest where numerous thieves and henchman are hiding. Use your arrows to shoot them.

Robot Tank

Atari 2600 Robot Tank

There are numerous enemy tanks crossing the countryside, destroying everything in their path! You are responsible for commanding a robot tank to stop them. There are twelve squadrons of tanks to destroy, each containing twelve tanks. Each time you destroy a complete squadron, you earn an extra reserve tank before moving on to the next.

Roc N Rope

Atari 2600 Roc N Rope

You are a mountain climber faced with some dangerous perils. You must avoid cavemen, dinosaurs and pterodactyls as you climb the cliff side. Why climb a cliff with such danger looming you may ask. Well, at the top of the cliff is a mystical bird with great plumage. You are equipped a rope that you can shoot at 45 degree angles. Use this when you want to climb up to other platforms. But that is not all. You also have a stun beam which will allow you to walk past enemies who get too close. As for power-ups, each level has at least one flashing diamond power, which will make you invincible for limited time.

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