Atari 2600 Games Starting with Po to Ra

Pong Sports

Atari 2600 Pong Sports

What can we say here, if you ever liked pong, really like pong, this is the game for you. All pong based games, 50 of them, are here on one cartridge.


Atari 2600 Pooyan

Pooyan is a port of the popular arcade game by the same name. You play the role of Pooyan and are tasked to protect its piglets from wolves. You start off near the pigs’ home. You are riding up and down in a cable car, shooting at wolves, who are riding balloons. Whent he wolves land on the ground, then will climb a ladder, near the cable-car, and catch Mrs. Pig. Be sure to shoot their balloons and they will splat on the ground instead.


Atari 2600 Popeye

As Popeye, you are trying to win Olive Oyl’s love by collecting tokens of her love: those things she keeps dropping from the top of the screen. After collecting the required number of items, you advance to the next more difficult level. The game is filled with many obstacles to stop you from completing your task. Brutus wanders around the screen and is constantly trying to catch you. Collect a can of spinach and you can temporarily knock him out. Be sure to knock him out because if you don’t, he will knock you out.


Atari 2600 Porky's

You are the infamous Edward Pee Wee Morris. Your goal is simple: revenge on Porky, the owner of the bar that dissed Pee Wee and his friends.

Power Off

Atari 2600 Power Off

Robots took control of the system and started by deactivating all the energy pills to switch off the computer. You must deactivate a computer that has run amuck. This new super computer, designed by your father, was created to help mankind with its instantaneous computing abilities. But in order to have a plot for the game, something went catastrophically wrong when your father switched the machine on and now you must run through level after level of the giant laboratory and deactivate all the energy pills.

Pressure Cooker

Atari 2600 Pressure Cooker

This is a variation on a few other games in which you must make a cake or fill drinks. In Pressure Cooker, your role is to fullfill hamburger orders. Along the bottom of the screen you will see the orders for various types of hamburgers come in. Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and cheese may all be requested and you need to collect the proper ingredients, put them on a hamburger, and drop it in the wrapping machine.

Private Eye

Atari 2600 Private Eye

As the great French private eye Pierre Touche, your job is to capture the criminal Henri Le Fiend and send him to jail. Find evidence against him and return the stolen property. As you drive around, various obstacles will attempt to stop you: you will have flower pots or daggers thrown at you. Watch out for pot holes in the road and assorted creatures that will run in your path.


Atari 2600 Q*bert

Q*Bert is a port from the popular early 1980s. You goal is simple: change all of the tiles on a pyramid to the target colour. On early levels, a single hop will change the tile to the desired color, but on later levels you may need to hop on a tile multiple times or even avoid hopping on a tile multiple times! But wait, it gets worse, there are many different creatures wandering around the board aimlessly. Any one of these will take your life.

Q*bert’s Qubes

Atari 2600 Q*bert's Qubes

Q*Bert’s Qubes is the sequel to Q*Bert featuring the same gameplay. The difference is that there are now in three dimensions. You goal is still the same, change multicoloured blocks to a target colour. The twist is to make sure all three visible sides of the blocks match the target colour. You are no longer required to change the colours of the whole playfield, but just a straight line of the target colours in order to move to the next round.


Atari 2600 Quadrun

Atari tested the game with a group of young girls that found the game difficult. As a result, Atari decided not to heavily distribute the game. The game is one of the most sought after games by collectors.

Quest for Quintana Roo

Atari 2600 Quest for Quintana Roo

As Yucatan Sam, your quest is to explore the temple of Quintana Roo. Find the vault that is hidden somewhere within and return with the treasure that is inside. Your quest begins outside the temple. Climb your way up the side of the temple in order to get inside. Poisonous snakes and deadly lightning bolts will block your progress. Once inside, explore various hidden rooms of the temple for keys which are needed to unlock the vault.

Quick Step

Atari 2600 Quick Step

In Quick Step you play either a kangaroo or a squirrel and are competing against each other to earn points by jumping on trampolines. The screen is made up of an array of trampolines which scroll downward. As trampolines appear at the top of the screen, they will be grey in colour. When the trampoline turns pink, the trampoline is now in play. Each time a critter jumps on a trampoline, the colour will change to that critters colour: green for kangaroo, blue for squirrel.


Atari 2600 Race

Race includes several racing games in one: solo, track racing, maze racing and cart track racing.

Racing Pak

Atari 2600 Racing Pak

A clone of Race.


Atari 2600 Racquetball

You are a racquetball player, and you have accepted the challenge of a formidable opponent. Both combatants enter the arena through the opening in the wall, and the frenzied game begins with the crack of the racquet against the first ball. The pace is fast and furious as the ball recoils from the backboard at ninety miles per hour. Are you fast enough to react in time to return the ball? Can you endure the fast pace and vanquish the opponent? If you are willing to try, it will leave you as breathless as a real game on a real court.

Radar Lock

Atari 2600 Radar Lock

You are the pilot of a delta-wing fighter whose objective is to destroy the enemy fleet. There are five missions of increasing difficulty. Each mission has a variety of enemies to destroy. Use your machine guns, guided missiles, and proximity mines to destroy the Drones, Interceptors, Patrollers, Bombers, and other enemy fighters. At the end of each mission, dock with the fuel tanker to replenish your fuel.

Raft Rider

Atari 2600 Raft Rider

Your goal is to place 25 playing cards in a 5×5 grid one at a time. Make the best ten poker hands, five horizontally, five vertically, and optionally the two diagonals. Poker Squares includes tIn Raft Rider you are floating down a river on a raft made out of logs. Guide the raft down the river avoiding dangerous rocks, trees, beavers, and even a moose. Each one of these items will cause your raft to sink.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Atari 2600 Raiders of the Lost Ark

The game is loosely based on the movie. Your quest is to find the Lost Ark of the Covenant. The ark is hidden somewhere in the valley of poison. You start the mission in the Egyptian city of Cairo where you must find your way to the secret map room in Temple of the Ancients. Once in the map room, you find a hieroglyphic indicating that you need an object to unlock the secrets of the map room.

Rainbow Invaders

Atari 2600 Rainbow Invaders

In 3006, and the Rainbow Invaders are headed to Earth. They look like the ridiculous aliens depicted in 1980s arcade games, but are extremely dangerous and their goal is to exterminate all humans. You command a fleet of spaceships and you must defeat all of the Invaders to save Earth. Rainbow Invaders is a spin on the Space Invaders game, there is colour, lots of colour.

Ram It

Atari 2600 Ram It

Green is going wild! Red on your right! Blue at your back! Yipes, yellow! Quick! Jam it, slam it. Ram It! Put your Ramroid into action and rifle away. Strike a color and it plays a looney ‘lectronic tune. Bash the bonus bar and you’ll win big. Ram all 32 colour bars completely off the screen before they block you from moving or the 5000-count timer runs out.

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