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Name This Game

Atari 2600 Name This Game

You are tasked to protect the treasure at the bottom of the sea. However, your job will not be easy as there is a giant octopus and killer shark you need to deal with. Whenever the an octopus tentacle touches the bottom of the screen, or the shark catches you some of your treasure will be lost. So, you need to use your harpoon to shoot the shark before it can make it’s way to the bottom of the screen. When the tentacle makes it way down, shoot it and it will retreat back up.

NASL Soccer

Atari 2600 NASL Soccer

NASL Soccer is a two-player soccer. The game follows typical soccer rules. Score more goals than your opponent in the two 45 minute periods and the win is yours. You control one player on your team at a time while the computer takes control of the rest. The game allows you to dribble and pass. You can also perform throw ins, corner kicks, goal kicks, and in the event of a tie, the game goes in to overtime. Several skill levels are available which control the speed of the game.

NFL Football

Atari 2600 NFL Football

NFL Football contains most football game rules. The game consists of four quarters, fifteen minutes each. There are four difficulty levels: high school, college, semi-pro, pro. There are nine different plays to call, including running plays, field goals, passing plays, and punting. The only thing that’s not realistic about NFL Football, other than being a video game, is the teams only have five players on offense and on defense.

Night Driver

Atari 2600 Night Driver

In this night driving game, earn points by racing by passing checkpoints located throughout the track. Time and speed is lost by crashing into the side of the road, oncoming cars, or any other obstacles. The game ends when the 90 second time limit is up. The game offers beginner, pro, and expert difficulty levels. If 90 seconds is not enough, set the game to unlimited time.

Night Stalker

Atari 2600 Night Stalker

You are chased around a maze by robots, bats, and spiders. There is a gun placed randomly in the maze. Once it runs out of shots, it disappears and is placed in the maze again fully reloaded.

No Escape!

Atari 2600 No Escape

The gods have imprisoned you in the Temple of Aphrodite for steeling the golden fleece where there are deadly Furies running overhead. Eliminate the furies by hitting them with magic bricks and you will proceed to the next level. You are armed with an unlimited supply of stones. Use these stones to cause a brick to fall, but don’t get hit with one of the falling bricks or you will die. As an added level of difficulty, the furies will also fire back at you. The game ends when you have no more lives left in reserve. Several difficulty levels are available.


Atari 2600 Obelix

Knock off the advancing roman army. Use the magic potion and you will become invincible.

Ocean City Defender

Atari 2600 Ocean City Defender

Score points using your cannon to hit rockets.

Off the Wall

Atari 2600 Off the Wall

Essentially a clone of break out, Off The Wall you must control Kung Fu Lu and destroy a mysterious, evil wall by reflecting a bouncing ball into the bricks that make up the wall. At the top of the screen is a mystical dragon which guards the wall. The twist in this clone is the addition of the dragon that must be hit six times with the ball to be destroyed. An added level of complexity occurs when the first level is completed: a blackbird will appear on screen just below the wall.

Off your Rocker

Atari 2600 Off your Rocker

This game was completed, but never officially sold by Amiga. However, it seems they sent off a large quantity of unlabeled cartridges to a company called Pleasant Valley Video who then sold them to the public. This is another example of games developed by Amiga while they were secretly working on developing the AMiga computer.


Atari 2600 Oink

Oink! is fairy tale of the three little pigs and your nemesis the the big bad wolf that is of course trying to blow down your houses. As the wolf blows a hole in the house, you must patch it up quickly so the wolf can’t get in. The longer you last, the tougher the wolf will become. You have three lives, represented y the three pigs. When you loose one life, represented by loosing the house, you are moved on to the next house of sticks and then finally to the house of bricks. When all three pigs have been caught by the wolf, the game is over.

Okie Dokie

Atari 2600 Okie Dokie

Okie Dokie is a fast moving puzzle game that challenges you with 30 preset puzzles and 435 random puzzles. Every time you select a square, it gets flipped. To complicate things further, any square directly to the left, right, above or below the square is also flipped.

Omega Race

Atari 2600 Omega Race

The purpose of this game is to get a high score by shooting down enemy droids. Watch out for space mines as you shoot down the enemy Droid ships. The last ship on a level then starts spiralling to make you life a little difficult. There is an added advantage in that you won’t die when you hit the walls, but bounce off them. Death comes when all lives are lost. But with skill, and enough points, you will be able to gain extra lives.

Oscar’s Trash Race

Atari 2600 Oscar's Trash Race

Oscar’s Trash Race helps children practice numerical and prereading skills and encourages learning through play.


Atari 2600 Othello

Othello is a conversion of the popular board game. Each player tries to fill the game board with as many discs of his color as possible. On each turn the player places a disc on the board by selecting a location where the opponents discs will become trapped between two of his discs. The trapped discs are flipped over to the players color. The game ends when the board or time runs out. The winner is the one with the most amount of pebbles on the board.

Out Of Control

Atari 2600 Out Of Control

In this obstacle race, manoeuvre your ship through the asteroids. You start by passing a set number of hurdles. If there is a single hurdle, pass on the side indicated by the arrow and if there are two hurdles, pass in between them. When three hurdles appear, pass through them or go around. Hitting a hurdle will place you at the beginning of the last successfully passed hurdle. After completing the hurdles, the game gets little strange by adding balloons to the mix. Pop at least ten space balloons by running in to them and then dock in the space dock to end the race.

Outer Space

Atari 2600 Outer Space

You are seated in the cockpit of a space ship. Zoom through space watch out for aliens and asteroids. Blast everything in site to save the day.

Pac Man Jr

Atari 2600 Mr. Do!

Pac-Man Jr or Jr Pac-man is identical to the original Pac-man with a few changes. The maze is now much larger extending beyond the screen, scrolling to let you see the board. From time to time an edible bonus will bounce around the screen which can be eaten for extra points. These edible items include: tricycles, kites, drums, balloons, trains, root beers. Pac-man jr can still eat the ghost with the aid of the power pellets.


Atari 2600 Pac-Man

Pac-man was one of the most popular games of all time and it heavily influenced game design of the early 1980s. Your task is simple, you must eat all the dots to proceed to the net level, all while running away from the ghosts. However, there are four power up zones that when eaten allows you to eat each of the four ghosts. Survive a few rounds of gameplay, and be treated to humorous intermissions between Pac-Man and the ghosts.


Atari 2600 Pele's Soccer

Soccer game based of the famous footballer, Pele.


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