Atari 2600 Games Starting with Fa to Ga

Final Approch

Atari 2600 Final Approch

As an air traffic controller, your goal is to guide planes in to landing safely. The first screen is the Approach Control Radar screen or ARC. Guide the aircraft until they are headed left to right along the yellow line headed towards the black stripe. Make sure the other planes are headed where they won’t immediately head towards each other or off screen. As the plane nears the black stripe, move the cursor to the centre red light and press the button.

Fire Fighter

Atari 2600 Fire Fighter

Save the workers trapped in a burning warehouse. Move the ladder to the appropriate floor. Climb up and rescue the trapped workers. Depending on which floors have caught fire, the worker will move to the lowest floor which isn’t burning. Once the worker is safe, its time to level up to a more challenging level. The fire in the building may spread quickly! Use the fire hose to put out the fire, but be mindful that this part of the city has limited water.

Fire Fly

Atari 2600 Fire Fly

You enter into a different universe after exiting from a black hole. This strange world is inhabited by strange, mechanical bug-like creatures. Like many worlds, this one contains both good and bad ceratures. The good bugs asked for your help and you must defend them from the bad bugs. Your first challenge is to rescue the Pixy whom is guarded by a killer bee. after succeeding, you will need to fight off enemy creatures including a flaming pumpkin, demons, and coiled serpents.


Atari 2600 Fireball

Your mission is to juggle a hot fireball.

Fishing Derby

Atari 2600 Fishing Derby

Be the first player to catch 99 pounds of fish! Each player on the dock controls their own fishing line. Move the line up or down to catch fish that are swimming by. The biggest fish are located at the lowest depths. However, if a shark touches the fish on your line, he will eat it.

Flag Capture

Atari 2600 Flag Capture

A flag is hidden somewhere on a 9×7 grid. Using the joystick, move your explorer around the grid. Press the fire button on a square to search for the flag. If the flag is not found, clues to its whereabouts will be given and an arrow pointing in its direction. Single player mode provides a twist. The goal is to locate as many flags as possible in 75 seconds. Two player modes offer a few more modes: In free-for-all, both players can move around the grid simultaneously and whomever finds the flag first scores a point. Or, players can take turns searching for flags.


Atari 2600 FlapPing

FlapPing features two primary game variations: 1) A Pong mode which resembles the classic Pong arcade game; 2) Poorlords where each player must defend a wall in a manner similar to the arcade game Warlords.

Flash Gordon

Atari 2600 Flash Gordon

Rescue spacemen found in the tunnels of Spider City and destroy all the hatching pods. The spacemen are rescued by touching them with your ship. The hatching pods are destroyed by flying to the pods then shooting the warriors. Shoot generators, patrol ships and debris. While shooting the generator will keep the Disrupter from moving about the city, the debris never stops while you are within, so don’t waste time in the Disrupter.


Atari 2600 Football

Football is played from a top down and features two skill levels and three game variations. Choose from one of five different offensive or defensive plays. In the first game variation, select a play, control the players on the field. In the second game, you can control the players after a play is selected or allowing the computer to control the players. The third game has the computer controlling the players at all times and you only need to select the plays you wish it to execute and indicate when you wish to punt or pass the ball.


Atari 2600 Four-Play

Red and Blue take turns dropping marbles into an upright board. The first player to align four marbles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins. Play against another player or against the computer.

Frankensteins Monster

Atari 2600 Frankensteins Monster

Prevent Dr. Frankenstein from completing his creation. Gather stones from the dungeon and bring them to the tower where you must build a barricade around the monster. Start at the top floor of the castle, then make your way to the dungeon to get a stone to wall in the monster. At the same time, avoiding ghosts, giant tarantulas, trapdoors, spiders and a pool of acid. Once you have the stone, make you way back tot he top avoiding the same obstacles.


Atari 2600 Freeway

In this odd concept of a game, your job is to help the chicken cross the road. Each time you successfully guide the chicken across ten lanes of freeway traffic, a point is earned. Score as many points as you can by the end of the 2 minute 16 second time limit. In the two player game, the winner is the one with the most points. There are several game variations that adjust the speed and amount of traffic on the freeway.


Atari 2600 Frogger

Another big hit of the 80s that has managed to find itself ported to modern game consoles. Essentially, gameplay is all about getting across the road. Avoid cars, trucks and other nasty things trying to kill you. Level-up by getting across the road, however, each successive level increases in difficulty. Like most games from the 1980s, levelling up usually meant playing the same boards with increased speed, more obstacles and smarter obstacles.

Frogger II: Three Deep

Atari 2600 Frogger II: Three Deep

Like many sequels, they do not always follow the success of the original version.
Frogger II adds three different locations including underwater. In the underwater screen, you must watch out for dangerous alligators and fish, though turtles can be ridden to safety. Once on top of the pond, hop across logs, birds, and even a whale to the life preserver trailing behind a tugboat. In the third location you have to hop across a flock of birds to reach a cloud at the top of the screen. Each frog has a time limit to safely reach one of the homes on each of the three screens.

Frogs and Flies

Atari 2600 Frogs and Flies

Play the frog and capture the flies. Great all around game for all ages.


Atari 2600 Frontline

Your goal is to infiltrate enemy territory and destroy their fortress. Getting to their fortress, however, is fraught with many dangers. There are many varied and dangerous terrines. jungles, deserts, brushes and rocks, plus each area has numerous enemy fighters and tanks trying to stop you. Use your machine gun and grenades to get around these obstacles. When you come across an abandoned tank, use it to your advantage.


Atari 2600 Frostbite

As an Eskimo, your primary goal is to build an igloo. To do this, jump from ice block to ice block, while avoiding wildlife such as birds and crabs. Coming with contact with any of these will cause them to push you off the block and into the deadly water — avoid this as you only have four lives. Once you have built your igloo, you must enter it to proceed to the next level. Be careful to build the igloo before the temperature drop below 0.


Atari 2600 Fun with Numbers

Basic math game where simple math problems must be solved.

Funky Fish

Atari 2600 Funky Fish

Monsters have taken over the ocean and have many dangerous creatures of the deep guarding them. As Funky Fish, your mission is to rid the waters of these terrible enemies using your bubble cannon to turn them into fruit. Like many games of this era, each successive level speeds up and becomes more difficult.


Atari 2600 Galaxian

Galaxian is another popular video game of the 1980s as is evident by the number ports to modern platforms. Aliens come on to the screen into formation. During this stage, they are easier to shoot and don’t put up much of a fight. The player moves left and right to aim at an alien, then shoots a bullet up the screen and the bullet must hit something or move off the screen before another bullet can be shot.

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