Atari 2600 Games Starting with Ea to Fa

Earth Attack

Atari 2600 Earth Attack

Aliens are attacking Earth and it is up to you to take back the attack tot he aliens and prevent them from kidnapping your fellow citizens.

Earth Dies Screaming

Atari 2600 Earth Dies Screaming

Fly your fighter fast and close tot he horizon. Watch you radar screen for enemies and then head off in that direction.

Earth Dies Willing

Atari 2600 Earth Dies Willing

Defend Earth from the dastardly Trillians. Watch out as the Trillians uses attack bases to launch Kamikaze satellites and Trillian fighters at the Earth. When a fighter gets close, your main weapon will automatically track their vertical motion. You must track them horizontally and fire. Be careful as you will lose energy when a fighter shoots you or when a fighter explodes on Earth.


Atari 2600 Eggomania

A chicken is out to bomb your bear with strangely coloured eggs. Your mission is to catch the falling eggs in your hat. Catch all eggs in a wave and you get to throw the eggs back at the chicken.

Elevator Action

Atari 2600 Elevator Action

As Agent 17 your mission is to secure all top secret documents from a security building and escape in the getaway car that is located in the basement of the building. Watch out for enemy spies are scattered throughout the 30-floor building. These agents can be killed in serveral ways: * Shooting them with his gun.; * Kicking them by jumping onto them.; * Shooting a light on the ceiling while in an elevator, dropping the light onto one of them.; * Crushing them with an elevator.

Eli’s Ladder

Atari 2600 Eli's Ladder

Eli’s Ladder is aimed at children to help them with their math skills. Help Eli and his crew climb a ladder to his space ship so they can then journey to the Moon by solving various math problems along the way.

Encounter at L5

Atari 2600 Encounter at L5

Using an anti-matter launcher, defend the starbase L5 against a horde of blue Megalyte warrior ships and their death ships. These warriors fire on your base. Watch out for when the death ship dives towards your base. If it reaches your base, you will lose a generator and a life. Hold down the fire button as hordes of Megalye ships descend.There are 26 game variations. The odd numbered ones are one player, the even numbered are two player.


Atari 2600 Enduro

Enduro follows the same game logic and feel as Pole Position. Your goal is simple: last as long as you can by the number of cars allotted. If successful, you get to continue on, fail and you are out of the race. Driving conditions vary from snow to ice to fog. They also change with the seasons and the light will change with the time of day.


Atari 2600 Entombed

Your archaeological expedition has suddenly become a nightmarish fight for survival! Trapped in an underground maze of dark, winding tunnels with zombies emerging from the crypts, your only hope of survival is an ancient device known as the ‘make-break’. The make-break create or destroy pieces of wall. In this increasingly frantic one or two-player arcade game you will have to think on the fly. Fail to plan ahead or act quickly, and the zombies will have you! Too bad there is not stargate close by!

Escape from the Mindmaster

Atari 2600 Escape from the Mindmaster

Your mission is simple in concept, but very difficult in practice. You must be fast and agile in order to escape the maze of the mindmaster while avoiding various obstacles and tests.


Atari 2600 Espial

Fly your space fighter jet over a gigantic star ship. Avoid being shot down by many enemies fighters while you attempt to take out the star ship.

ET – The Extra Terrestrial

Atari 2600 ET - The Extra Terrestrial

This had to be one of the largest video game dive bombs in history. Atari, convinced that they could make millions off the game, bought the rights to ET. It was rumoured that Atari spent as much as US$20 million. The game reviews painted the game as the worst ever and sales of the game were never very good. The game performed so badly that Atari never fully recovered from its poor showing.


Atari 2600 Euchre

The game follows the standard rules of the same card game.


Atari 2600 Exocet

As a UFO, shoot the tall and short towers above ground. After destroying ten towers, a tunnel will open so you can get underground. It is recommended that you go underground or the firing rate above ground will increase significantly. Underground, the attack continues with the tunnel narrowing with time. The goal is the same, destroy ten towers underground. After a certain amount of towers are hit, the ground turns from green to blue. When this happens, hit ten towers?to earn an extra man to a maximum of eight men.

Fall Down

Atari 2600 Fall Down

Fall Down pits RED against BLUE against each other. The first player to fall past a platform captures it and scores a point. Make sure to capture the power ups in order to gain the upper hand and prevent your opponent from doing the same.

Fantastic Voyage

Atari 2600 Fantastic Voyage

Based on the 1966 movie, Fantastic Voyage, you and your submarine have been miniaturised and injected into the blood stream of an ill patient. Prevent the patient from dieing by locating deadly blood clots and destroying them. As you guide your submarine through the blood vessels, watch out for obstacles like bacteria and clotlets. The submarine is equipped with a laser ray which can be used to shoot these obstacles.

Farmer Dan

Atari 2600 Farmer Dan

Stop the gophers from eating all of your carrots. Once the carrots are gone, the game is over.

Fast Eddie

Atari 2600 Fast Eddie

The object of the game it to go from floor to floor, collecting prizes. no more than two prizes will be visible on the screen at any one time on any floor with the exception of the top floor. Each screen will have a max of ten prizes. Be sure to avoid the sneakers. In order to make it to the next screen, get nine prizes and then jump over the High-Top. Now jump over him to get the key.


Atari 2600 Fathom

You must rescue Neptina, Neptune’s daughter whom has been imprisoned at the bottom of the sea by the Titans. Take the form of a dolphin or bird to reach your goal. Use the dolphin and bird to locate the pieces that are hidden in the ocean and clouds. When flying, touch the clouds to obtain trident piece, but watch out for other birds as they will cause you to lose energy if you touch them accidentally.

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