Atari 2600 Games Starting with Ca to Co


Atari 2600 Casino

Casino contains three card games. Blackjack: Game one provides supports single and two player modes with splitting. Game two supports four players without splitting. The computer plays dealer and bets are placed by rotating the controller. Five-card stud poker: Game three is five-card stud poker supporting up to four players. Once again, the computer plays the dealer. All players are dealt a five-card hand. Before the first card is dealt and after the second, third, fourth and fifth cards are dealt, players must place bets or fold. Betting is done the same as in games one and two.

Cat Trax

Atari 2600 Cat Trax

Cat Trax looks very much like the famous Arcade Pac Man game. The rules are pretty much the same: stay away from the ghost and eat all those pellets to level up. This game was originally written for the Emerson Arcadia and was ported to the Atari 2600 in 1983.


Atari 2600 Centipede

Use your magic wand to kill the nasty bugs that make their way through a mushroom patch. Flea fall straight down towards the player leaving a fresh patch of mushrooms. This is kind of bad because the centipedes are harder to shot. The Scorpion runs from side to side across the screen, turning mushrooms into poisonous toadstool, which cause the Centipede to behave irrationally and dive bomb the player, also not so good. Spiders behave a little more erratically as they jump up and down towards the player. All this while the Centipede makes it way down the playing field.

Championship Soccer

Atari 2600 Championship Soccer

Each team has one forward, two backs and a goalie. The forward and backs always run in formation. Control of the goalie is yielded when he has the ball, goaltending is otherwise performed by the computer or game console. Like the real game, there are two halves with the object to score as many goals as you can in the time allowed. Game time is a user defined setting. Game Variations, Number of players, Games 1 to 27 are two player games. Games 28 to 54 are one player against the computer.

Chase of Chuck Wagon

Atari 2600 Chase of Chuck Wagon

Chase of Chuck Wagon was released as part of a promotional campaign for Purina Dog Chow. The players control Chuckie the Dog. Guide Chuckie through the maze, avoiding objects and the dogcatcher. Escaping from the maze sees Chuckie entering a Reward Screen. Chuckie the finds a bowl of dog food in the maze to eat for extra bonus points. If Chuckie misses, Chuckie would be sent to the next screen without any bonus points. Chase the Chuck Wagon was available only as an exclusive through Ralston-Purina.


Atari 2600 Checkers

Checkers is a complete computerised version of the popular board game following the same rules.
As with the board game, the object is to remove all of your opponents pieces from the checker board. This is accomplished by moving your pieces diagonally forward on the board. Your opponents pieces are removed from play once the piece was jumped.

China Syndrome

Atari 2600 China Syndrome

China Syndrome challenging and fast paced, which means that it can be very frustrating. The sound effects consist only of blips and primitive sounds of explosions, while the graphics consist mainly of dots. The graphics and sound are more in line with those of a first generation console rather than a second generation console. However, if you have the patience to stay in the game to watch the meltdown sequence at the end of the game, do so as it is worth it.

Chopper Commander

Atari 2600 Chopper Commander

Chopper Command is a side-scrolling action/arcade game. You command of an attack chopper. Your mission is to go behind enemy lines and rescue 16 hostages per level. To prevent you from rescuing the hostages, tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you and won’t stop until you have rescued the hostages.

Chuck Norris Superkicks

Atari 2600 Chuck Norris Superkicks

As Chuck Norris, you are on a quest to reach a monastery to free a captured leader. As you walk along a path towards the monastery, you will encounter several villains that you must fight. Your enemies vary in skill and each one requires a different move to be defeated. You begin as a white belt but quickly advance as you win fights finally reaching black belt by the time you reach the monestary. Failure to complete your quest in the allotted time ends the game and losing fights takes away time.


Atari 2600 Circus

In this game, you score points by popping balloons. A wall of red, blue and white balloons will appear at the top of the screen. Pop the balloons by catching a clown on the teeter-totter and then bouncing him up to the balloons. To catch the clowns, move the teeter-totter across the screen. Each player receives five clowns. Failure to catch a clown will result in his crash and he will disappear. The game ends when five clowns crash. Keep in mind that the clowns may land on any point on the teeter-totter except where the other clown is sitting, which causes them to crash.

Climber 5

Atari 2600 Climber 5

Climber 5 was ported by Dennis Debro of an Atari 8-bit computer game that originally appeared in COMPUTE! magazine back in 1987. You are a baseball player, but unlike any other baseball player that hits a ball into the stadiums rafters, you must go in search of your ball. Hindering your quest are many obstacles that will slow you down and may cause you to lose a life. Once you successfully retrieve the ball, the level changes and becomes more difficult.

Code Breaker

Atari 2600 Code Breaker

You have eight to 12 guesses to figure out the code before the game ends. The code is between 3 to 4 digits long. After each guess, the computer indicates if you have a correct number in the right position, a correct digit in the wrong position, or no correct digits at all. Points are scored based on how many turns it takes to correctly identify the code. A second game variation called Nim is also included. Two players take turns removing items from a stack. The play who removes the last item successfully wins.


Atari 2600 Combat

This is a simple two-player tank versus game. Use your tank to take out your opponents tank. And despite the name, you can also play airlines instead of tanks. Perhaps a name planes and tanks would have been more appropriate.


Atari 2600 Commando

Another popular game from the 1980s. Fight through several levels in this arcade conversion. Armed with only a standard rifle and a few grenades, take on the hordes of Nazis. Some are wandering around in the open while others have picked out hiding places, which you must approach from certain angles. Use the trees, rivers and bridges when developing your combat tactics. Be sure to collect grenades and always have a few ready as they will become life savers at critical moments.

Commando Raid

Atari 2600 Commando Raid

Your home city is under attack from airborne commando raiders. Your mission is to defend your city against these attackers. Destroy the choppers that fly in the paratroopers and then deal with any paratroopers that manage to get out of the chopper. Should a paratrooper land, he will damage and eventually destroy one of the buildings in the city. After a building is destroyed, the paratroopers will then begin tunnelling towards your gun in an effort to destroy it. Watch out for other obstacles such as airplanes flying in large bombs. Shot the bomb before it lands or it will destroy the entire city.

Communist Mutants From Space

Atari 2600 Communist Mutants From Space

Communist Mutants From Space is an arcade action game with gameplay similar to Space Invaders. As with space invaders, defend your home from the various mutant warriors which are attacking — in this case, they are communist. Using the anti-mutant canon on the bottom of the screen, shoot the mutants. At the very top of the screen the Mother Creature creates mutant eggs that fall into the formation, which will eventually hatch into various creatures that will fly down and try to take out your cannon. Destroy the Mother Creature and her mutants to proceed to the next level.

Condor Attack

Atari 2600 Condor Attack

Condor attack is a must for shooter-em-up addicts. Graphics are not the greatest, but then again, its an Atari 2600 and not an XBOX. Forget the graphics and give this classic a chance and you will not regret it.

Congo Bongo

Atari 2600 Congo Bongo

This is a port of the popular jump n run arcade game. Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to run, jump, and climb your way through a dangerous jungle while avoiding various animals and projectiles. As a bonus, the game includes the introductory animation from the arcade game.

Conquest of Mars

Atari 2600 Conquest of Mars

In 4014, Earth and Mars are locked in a century-long war. The Martians plan to destroy Earth using the Destructo-Bomb. Martian forces have constructed five bombs and have placed them deep inside the Martian Caverns, awaiting the final command from their leader to attack. Your mission is to navigate the Martian caverns, activate the Destructo-Bombs and escape before they explode. Conquest of Mars is ported from the Atari 8-bit computer title.

Cosmic Ark

Atari 2600 Cosmic Ark

The Alpha Ro solar system is in crisis as their sun is about to go supernova and destroy their whole solar system. The great news is that you have been employed to save as many people as possible in a large cosmic Ark. Sounds simple enough, but there are many obstacles in your way to make this task difficult such as having to contend with deadly meteor storms and planetary defence systems. Cosmic Ark features two scenarios. the first scenario is blasting meteors with the four-way cannons. Blast enough, you proceed to the second screen. The Ark will descend over one of the planets.

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