Atari 2600 Games Starting with As to Be


Atari 2600 Asteroids

Asteroids was a highly popular game in the Arcade before it was ported to many game consoles and home computers. As a spaceship pilot trapped in the asteroid belt, blast your way out of the asteroids. Each time you shoot one of the asteroids, it will break up into smaller pieces and these pieces move faster that the original piece. Eventually the pieces will become small enough that they can be destroyed. When all asteroids have been fully destroyed, its time to level up to more asteroids. Watch out for flying saucers that are there to destroy you.

Astro Chase

Atari 2600 3D Astro Chase

Save Earth from eight mega mines. Use your flying saucer to destroy them all before they reach Earth. Your ship is equipped with lasers which can be used to destroy enemy saucers and the mega mines. Located throughout the space around Earth are eight shield depots. Fly through one of these to provided limited invincible. Your ship also has a limited energy. If you get too low on energy, use the resupply generators in the four corners of the play area.


Atari 2600 Astroblast

Astroblast is a one player cannon game. You mission is to shoot down various fast moving targets, including falling meteors, spinning bombs, guided missiles, and a bomb-dropping UFO. As with many second generation games, the game gets faster and more difficult with each successive level.

Atari Video Cube

Atari 2600 Atari Video Cube

This game was first released as Rubik?s Cube, however, someone forgot about copyrights and they had to change the name.


Atari 2600 Atlantis

Your job is to defend the ancient city of Atlantis from the Gorgon attack. Atlantis is very similar to Missile Command. Like Missile Command, you have three gun towers to defend against attacks. Waves of Gorgon attackers descend four times before they come within range of attacking the city. Use these opportunities to blast them out of the sky with a well placed shot. If the invaders make it to the level closest to the city, one of your seven installations will be destroyed. You can regain destroyed installations after a wave of enemies is wiped out.

Atlantis 2

Atari 2600 Atlantis 2

This is a special contest version of Atlantis. It was sent to the high scorers of the Defend Atlantis contest so that they could determine the top four scorers. The top four players from were flown to Bermuda for an Atlantis shoot-out to win $10,000. Game graphics are the identical but the game is much faster and fewer points are awarded for hits. The actual scoring graphics are slightly different as well.

Bachelor Party

Atari 2600 Bachelor Party

Adult Video Games were new to the console game machines. Bachelor Party was one of those very few games that was regarded at that time as an Adult Video Game. It is a simple straight-forward Pong game but with a twist. The objective of the game is help the bachelor get lucky with the ladies. In reality the only difference with the game was that the ball and paddles were coloured differently. The game was more popular for its innuendo than for actual adult content.

Back To School

Atari 2600 Back To School

This game pack includes several brain teaser: Basic Programming, Brain Games, and a set of Keyboard Controllers.


Atari 2600 Backfire

Backfire is another home-brew game written by Chad Lare. You have two guns position at the top and the bottom of the screen. Be careful as it is possible to blow up your own gun! This is one of those games where there is no possible way to win. Your mission is simple, score as many points as you can before losing.


Atari 2600 Backgammon

Standard rules are used in this game of backgammon.

Bank Heist

Atari 2600 Bank Heist

Your purpose as a bank robber is clear, rob banks. As you “rob” each of the banks, they disappear and a police car appears in its place. All this leads to a hot pursuit. Avoid the cops to stay alive. To aid you in your “career”, you have a stock of dynamite that can be used to destroy the cop cars. There are 9 banks in each town. Earn fuel with each successful bank robbery. You would think by robbing a bank that you would have all the money you need for fuel…


Atari 2600 Barnstorming

As a biplane pilot, your goal is to fly through a set number of barns as quick as possible. There are several obstacles in your way. Watch out for flocks of geese, windmills, and weather vanes. Crashing into any of these won’t kill you, but the crash will cause lose of speed and therefore increase your overall time. The game features multiple difficulty levels.


Atari 2600 Baseball

The game can be played against the computer or with another player. The rules follow American and National league rules with a few exceptions. As a pitcher, you use the joystick to throw the ball and to control its speed and curve. After the ball is hit, your control all your men in the field to catch the ball.


Atari 2600 Basketball

Basketball is a two player game that follows the standard basketball rules. Basketball provides one-on-one against either the computer or another player. The court uses a side view with a basket at each end of the screen. Using the joystick to move your player around the court, dribble/shoot the ball, and attempt to block your opponent. Each half has 4 minute halves.


Atari 2600 Battlezone

As the pilot of a heavy tank, wipe out enemy tanks and landing vehicles. Be sure to move around the map to avoid being hit.


Atari 2600 Beamrider

Beamrider is a unique space shooter game. The game’s maps are drawn using 3-d and objects get bigger the closer to them you move — just like real life. Pilot your star-ship to defeat evil aliens which have encased the Earth in a strange field of glowing beams. Battle through 99 treacherous sectors. The number of enemies and dangerous objects you must avoid increasing as you progress through the levels. Use your blaster to destroy most enemies, and torpedoes to destroy anything that’s hard to kill. Be careful as you have a limited number of torpedoes.

Beany Bop

Atari 2600 Beany Bop

The object of Beanie Bop is to stun and capture the Beannies. Do not let an unstunned Beanie touch you or you will die. Other game items do not need to be stunned to be captured. Bonus Boppers are earned by shooting four Beannies in a row without losing a Bopper.

Beat Em and Eat Em

Atari 2600 Beat Em and Eat Em

In this children’s game, you are the Berenstain bear Brother. Use your unicycle and avoid hitting stones in the road. When in the forest catch the correct numbers, letters or the letters to spell a certain word. After catching the required items, move on and either have to dodge the stones or cross one or two bridges that open and close. If a stone is hit, catch the wrong falling item or don’t get across the bridge in time, a warning sound is made.

Berenstain Bears

Atari 2600 Berenstain Bears

You play as the Berenstain bear Brother. Ride your unicycle and avoid obstacles like stones on the road. Once you reach the forest catch the correct numbers, letters or the letters to spell a certain word. After you catch the required items, you then move on and either have to dodge stones again or cross one or two bridges that open and close. This game cannot be played without the use of the audio cassettes.

Bermuda Triangle

Atari 2600 Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is a side scrolling action game for one or two players. You pilot a mini-sub in the Bermuda Triangle. The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible by collecting treasures and destroying the various enemies. The mini-sub is equipped with a tractor beam. Use the beam to collect treasures on the bottom of the ocean. The mini-sub is also equipped with lasers to defend the sub against attack and other dangers including giant squids, man-eating sharks, mines, bombs, enemy ships, and more.

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