Sweet Microsound Systems Mockingboard

Sweet Microsound Systems Mockingboard

 Company: Sweet Microsound Systems
Date: na
Apple: II, IIc
Interface: internal expansion bus
Cost: $99, $79, $179, $195


There are four versions, the A, B, C and D. However, technically speaking, there is only one version. The B model is simple a chip designed for model A. Model C is the Mockingboard the Mockingboard A sold with the speech chip (b). The Mockingboard D is the version for the Apple IIc.
It has two audio outputs.
It is capable of stereo music, speech synthesis, and sound effects.
Model C has two empty sockets. These are used to add speech synthesis to either or both outputs.

The Models
The Mockingboard Sound Board B, sold for $89 and is the name for the speech synthesizer chip for the Mockingboard A.
The Mockingboard C, is simply the Mockingboard A witht he speech synthesizer chip.

In 1985, Sweet Micro Systems the mockingboard for the Apple IIc. The Mockingboard D is an external device that connects to the IIc via a serial ports.


Apple Mockingboard Model C

Front: Apple Mockingboard Model C


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