Apple 2 Games from Burgertime to Castle Wolfenstein to Enchanter


Burger Time

Apple Burger Time

You are the Chef Pepper. Your goal is to make giant hamburgers while evil eggs, sausages and pickles chase you around the game area. Sounds like a bad dream, but it makes for great game play. Burger time was a big seller in the 1980s. To make a hamburger, assemble all of the ingredients together, dropping them onto the the burger. To do this, you have to let Chef Pepper step all over the burger ingredients. As soon Chef Pepper steps on an ingredient, it will falls to the next level below.

California Games

Apple 2 California Games

California Games follows the same format as the summer and winter games. Events included are skateboarding, footbag, surfing, roller skating, flying disc and BMX. California games supports multiplayer and single player modes. Though the game is best enjoyed with friends. Like previous Epyx games, Summer Games is just as addictive.

Castle Wolfenstein

Apple 2 Castle Wolfenstein

This is the first installment in this revolutionary classic. Your mission is to infiltrate Nazi headquarters in disguise, find the secret war plans hidden in a chest somewhere in the castle and then make it out again. Use stolen passes, money, and ultimately ammunition to accomplish your goal.


Apple 2 Centipede

Use your magic wand to kill the nasty bugs that make their way through a mushroom patch. Flea fall straight down towards the player leaving a fresh patch of mushrooms. This is kind of bad because the centipedes are harder to shot. The Scorpion runs from side to side across the screen, turning mushrooms into poisonous toadstool, which cause the Centipede to behave irrationally and dive bomb the player, also not so good. Spiders behave a little more erratically as they jump up and down towards the player. All this while the Centipede makes it way down the playing field. Shooting segments cause the Centepede to split off and form multiple targets.

Championship Lode Runner

Apple 2 Championship Lode Runner

The game contains 50 challenging levels and is designed for expert players. First time players may find this game a little frustrating so you have been warned. There is no level editor and you have to play through the levels in order. The game creators are not completely evil as they did provide a save-game option was provided, though you lose one life every time you were restored.


Apple 2 Choplifter!

Chopper Command is a side-scrolling action/arcade game. You command of an attack chopper. Your mission is to go behind enemy lines and rescue 16 hostages per level. To prevent you from rescuing the hostages, tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you and won’t stop until you have rescued the hostages.


Apple 2 Commando

Another popular game from the 1980s. Fight through several levels in this arcade conversion. Armed with only a standard rifle and a few grenades, take on the hordes of Nazis. Some are wandering around in the open while others have picked out hiding places, which you must approach from certain angles. Use the trees, rivers and bridges when developing your combat tactics. Be sure to collect grenades and always have a few ready as they will become life savers at critical moments.

Conan: Hall of Volta

Apple 2 Conan: Hall of Volta

As Conan the Barbarian, you must defeat the evil Volta. You are armed with ten boomerang swords along with magic gems, keys and an Avian Ally that will help you through the diverse levels. Watch out for treacherous obstacles including lava pits, powerful geysers that hurl you into the air, spike pits and floating platforms. Volta’s castle is guarded by bats, scorpions, giant ants, fire-breathing dragons, floating eyeballs and a huge electrical generator gone haywire.

Congo Bongo

Apple 2 Congo Bongo

This is a port of the popular jump n run arcade game. Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to run, jump, and climb your way through a dangerous jungle while avoiding various animals and projectiles. As a bonus, the game includes the introductory animation from the arcade game.

Crusade in Europe

Apple 2 Crusade in Europe

Crusade in Europe is the descendant of NATO Commander. Sid Meier and Ed Bever, Ph.D. collaborated on Crusade’s design and it paid off in the amount of historical detail. The game’s focus is the European Theater of World War II during 1944-45 with the Normandy liberation being the game’s primary focus

Crush, Crumbe and Chomp

Apple 2 Crush, Crumbe and Chomp

Crush, Crumble & Chomp has you playing a monster. Keep an eye on several statistics, including your health, appetite and even such minute details as the tilt of your head. Other than that, your mission is simple: destroy the city before the human military destroys you.

Crypto Cube

Apple 2 Crypto Cube

Twenty-themed words are arranged in criss-cross formation over the faces of a cube. When uncovering them words, you will see: 1) a blank square- no points and the turn is over; 2) a vowel- 5 points and another turn; 3) a consonant- you get a question mark. Guess the letter and net yourself 10 points and another turn. However, an incorrect guess takes five points away.


Apple 2 Deadline

You must solve the murder of Mr. Marshall Robner in 12 hours. Find suspects, his motive, method and opportunity. Friends and family are calling his death a suicide of depressed wealthy industrialist.


Apple 2 Defender

Another top, and highly addictive, video game from the 1980s, Defender puts players in charge of a ship sent to protect mankind from wave after wave of attacking alien forces. Armed with smart bombs and a hyperdrive fight against bombers, pods, swarmers, baiters, and landers. The landers are the worst as they capture the humanoids and transform them into deadly and relentless Mutants. If you fail o save the humanoids form the mutants, the planet will be destroyed, ending your game.

Dig Dug

Apple 2 Dig Dug

Dig Dug is another Arcade port and is considered one of the top arcade games on the 1980s. So popular that the game is still being ported to generations 7 consoles. Dig Dug is pretty much the same in concept as Pac-man, but instead of eating cookies while moving through a maze of hallways, Dig Dug has you digging you own maze of tunnels while avoiding creatures that want you dead. The only weapon that you carry is an air pump, which you can use to inflate the monsters to the point where they explode. Furthermore, rocks are scattered throughout the earth, and you can use these rocks to squash them if you dig a tunnel directly under the rocks.

Donkey Kong

Apple 2 Donkey Kong

Released in the arcades in 1981, Donkey Kong became a smash hit as was soon ported over to all popular gaming platforms of the time. In fact, the game has become so popular that it is still being ported over to modern gaming platforms. Mario must scale four different industrial levels: construction zone, cement factory, an elevator-themed level, and removing rivets from girders. Why you may ask, well, Mario must save the damsel in distress, Pauline, from the big ape before the timer runs out.

Dr. J and Larry Bird go One on One

Apple 2 Dr. J and Larry Bird go One on One

Play as either Julius Irving or Larry Bird on a one-on-one match. When you are on the offense, rotate to keep away from your rival. When on the defensive, take your rival’s ball or jump up to block a shot.


Apple 2 Drol

In this Apple 2 game you play a robot that can fly and shoot. Your goal is to rescue children that are wandering around each level. Levels consist of rows of platforms with gaps which can be jumped through to go up or down a vertical level. Watch out for various obstacles and creatures that will try and do you in.


Apple 2 Elite

Embark on a trading venture among the many star systems. To be safe, trade on razor-thin margins among in the safe systems, or in order to make a lot of money, take risks and trade with anarchic systems while watching out for pirates. Keep in mind that your ship does not have much in terms of defence. Save on fuel costs by buying a fuel scoop and flying near the star. Don’t get a bad rep as the police will come after you and then you will have to dodge more than just pirates. Stations are a good place to trade and upgrade your ship. Getting upgraded weapons and shields should be considered your highest priority.


Apple 2 Enchanter

In this Apple 2 game your mission is to save the world from an evil Warlock. Use your spells wisely to defeat him and his evil magic.


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