Apple 16KB Language Card

Apple 16KB Language Card

> Company: Apple, US
Date: 1979
Apple: II w/ 48KB
Interface: Memory IC slot

First memory card available for the Apple II
Comes with an extra 16KB RAM. Sytem must have at least 48KB
Comes with Pascal
Comes with autostart floppy ROM

Language Card
Requires DOS 3.2, but recommended for DOS 3.3 and higher
Programs must use special calls to use the extra memory
Use 13 sector disks with DOS earlier than 3.3
Comes with Apple Pascal

Autostart ROM
Contains autostart ROM that permits auto booting from a floppy drive
Its takes over from the Monitor ROM IC labelled ROM-F8


Apple 16k language card 1979

Front: Apple 16k language card 1979

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