Amiga IO Peripherals

Xpander 2

> Company: Micronik, Germany
Date: 1998
Amiga: 1200
Interface: trapdoor slot
Autoconfig ID: 3855/1

Micronik Z-3i (6860 rev6.2 – 6.3)
Zorro I expansion chassis
two Zorro I slots – one is occupied with the RAM card
the slots are not buffered
optional external power supply – required for using the 2nd slot
connects to the A1000 side expansion port

RAM card
64 DIP sockets for up to 2 MB RAM
supports 0.5, 1 or 2 MB configurations
uses 256k×1 DIPs
almost completely Zorro compatible, but using them in a standard Zorro chassis requires cutting three wire traces

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