Amiga Processor Peripherals


Company: DKB, US
Date: 1996
Amiga: 2000
Interface: CPU slot
Autoconfig ID: 2012/23,255

68060 @ 50 MHz

four 72 pin SIMM sockets accept 128 MB RAM
supports 4, 8, 16, 32 MB SIMMs, 60-80 ns
64 bit interleaved RAM access if identical SIMMs are installed in alternate banks (U312 / U314 and U313 / U315)
only SIMMs with 1K refresh rate are supported (SIMMs with 4K refresh rate don’t work)

Fast SCSI 2 controller
10 MB/s max transfer speed
50 pin internal header
50 pin external high density connector
uses wildfirescsi.device

DEC Tulip 21040, the only Ethernet controller in Amigas that DMAs directly into fast 32 bit memory
up to 100 Mb/s transfer speed
10Base-T connector
internal slot for the optional 10Base-2 connector
has SANA II, but no MNI driverv

works only with Kickstart 3.x
flash ROM for firmware upgrades
two PCI bus slots (one for the Inferno graphics board)
JP104 jumper setting: ON = 70 or 80ns / OFF = 60ns (all other jumpers are reserved)
configuration screen can be activated by holding right mouse button during startup


Amiga WildFire Front

Front: WildFire front view


Amiga WildFire Back

Front: WildFire back view

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