Amiga Video Peripherals

V-Lab/Par Y/C

> Company: MacroSystem, Germany
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: parallel port
> Autoconfig ID: ID18260 / 18

Realtime Framegrabber
24 Bit Realtime Framegrabbing
Interleaved Frame Recording
Grabs Images Quickly Into Its Own Memory But Transferring And Displaying Through The Parallel Port Is Slow
Digitized Images Are Stored In YUVN Format
3 MB, 30 Ns DRAM
Two Composite And One S-VHS Input – Multiple Video Sources Can Be Connected And Selected By Software
TBC Is Not Required
VHI Driver
External Power Supply


Amiga V-Lab/Par Y/C

Front: V-Lab/Par Y/C front view

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