Amiga Video Peripherals

Vidi Amiga 12 RT / 24 RT

> Company: Rombo Productions, UK
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: parallel port
> Autoconfig ID: ID2129 / 9

Realtime Framegrabber
24 Bit Realtime Framegrabbing – 1/50 Sec Non-Interlaced, 1/25 Sec Interlaced
Automatically Detects And Decodes PAL, NTSC And SECAM TV Standards
Twin A/D Converters Digitise Chrominance And Luminance Signals At 27 MHz
Grabs Images Quickly Into Its Own Memory But Transferring And Displaying Through The Parallel Port Is Slow
Two Composite And One S-VHS Input – Multiple Video Sources Can Be Connected And Selected By Software
Previews Grabs In 16 Or 256 Grey Levels Or As 1/4 Size Full Colour HAM8
Displays Images Up To 1472×576
Can Use A Retina Or Harlequin Graphics Card To Display Grabbed Images
Requires An External Power Supply (9V DC, 500mA) Which Is Not Supplied With The Unit

Vidi 12 RT
384 KB RAM
360×576 PAL (Interlaced)
360×476 NTSC (Interlaced)
24 Bit, 2:0.5:0.5 YUV
Upgradable To Vidi 24 RT

Vidi 24 RT
720×576 (Interlaced)
720×476 NTSC (Interlaced)
24 Bit, 4:1:1 YUV

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