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Turbo Amiga

Company: Computer System Associates, US
Date: 1986
Amiga: 2000
Interface: CPU slot
Autoconfig ID: na

Processor card – Turbo Amiga CPU (CSA 00992)
68020 @ 14.3 MHz, PGA, synchronous
Turbo Amiga CPU (CSA 00992B): 68881 @ 14.3 MHz, PGA, synchronous
Turbo Amiga CPU (CSA 00992D): 68881 up to 25 MHz, PGA, asynchronous
the 14.3 Mhz chips are overclocked 12 MHz units
when addressing the Amiga custom chips or the motherboard memory, the 68020 throttles back to 7 MHz
rev 4.2 motherboards have to be modified (a trace has to be cut and a jumper installed) to get the CPU card work, rev 3.9 motherboards work without problems
68000 fallback mode selectable by jumper

Optional static memory card – Turbo Amiga Memory (CSA 00993)
without this RAM card, the 68020 performs 15% slower than the original 7 MHz 68000, because of the additional time it takes to generate 24 bit addresses for the motherboard memory
the card fits into a free Zorro slot, but instead of transmitting data via the Zorro bus, it attaches directly to the CPU card via four ribbon cables, and create a 32 bit memory bus
with the memory card installed, performance is increased to 2.8 times of a standard A2000
sixteen 32 pin DIP sockets for up to 2 MB static RAM
takes 32k×8 or 128k×8, 100 ns SRAM chips in groups of four
the sockets can also take four 28 pin 64k×8 ROM chips containing Kickstart 1.2.2
does not autoconfig its memory
multiple Turbo Amiga Memory cards can be installed

Optional 16 bit RAM card adapter – DragStrip
allows using two 16 bit Zorro II RAM cards as a 32 bit RAM expansion
consists of a converter card (16/32 Bit Converter) and a connector board for the RAM cards (StepLadder)
the converter card has to be installed in the first Zorro II slot (closest to the CPU slot) and connects to the CPU card via the same four ribbon cables
the connector board with the RAM cards are placed between the CPU and converter cards
any Zorro II RAM cards work like the Commodore A2052 or A2058
the converter card has four 28 pin DIP sockets for 64k×8 ROM chips containing Kickstart 1.2.2

the first 32 bit accelerator system for the Amiga
all of the cards have four diagnostic LEDs for the four ribbon cables
does not work with the Commodore A2090 hard disk controller – CSA has its own hard disk system for the card


Amiga Turbo Amiga Front

Front: Turbo Amiga front view

Amiga Turbo Amiga Back

Front: Turbo Amiga back view


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