Amiga Storage Peripherals

Trumpcard 500 & Trumpcard Professional 500

> Company: Interactive Video Systems, USA
> Date: 1989 & 1990
> Amiga: A500
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID2112 / 48,52

Connects To The Side Expansion Port
The Trumpcard (Pro) 500 Basically Translates The Side Expansion Port Into Two Zorro II Slots – One Of These Slots Hold The Original Zorro II Trumpcard (Pro) 2000 While The Other Can Accept Any Half Length Zorro II Board
Place For A 3.5 Hard Disk Inside
AMD 53C80
Uses Polled I/O, Not DMA Transfer
50 Pin Internal Header
Under Kickstart 1.2 Autobooting Must Be Disabled By A Jumper
Additional Features Of Trumpcard Pro:
RDB Compatible
SCSI Share Networking
A-Max I And II Drivers (Ivs_SCSIpro.Amhd)
Supported By NetBSD
Optional Memory Expansion (Connects To The Second Zorro II Slot) – Meta 4
Hard Disk Activity And Power LED
Connector For The Optional External Power Supply (IVS Sourcer) – Activated Only When The Meta 4 Board Is Installed, Otherwise The TrumpCard Takes Power From The A500

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