Amiga Audio Peripherals

TechnoSound Turbo

> Company: New Dimensions, UK
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: parallel port
> Autoconfig ID: ID18260 / 12,13

8 bit stereo soundsampler
stereo line input (2× RCA)
up to 56 kHz (mono) resp. 37 kHz (stereo) sampling rate per channel
connects to the parallel port
software supports multitasking when started from Workbench
bundled software has the following features:
MIDI sequencer
Song Editor (Sequencer)
Sample Editor
Sound Effects (e.g. Echo, Reverb, Low-Pass, Fade-In/-Out)
Realtime Synth Effects


Amiga TechnoSound Turbo

Front: TechnoSound Turbo front view

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