Amiga Processor Peripherals

SX 32 Pro

> Company: DCE, Germany
Date: 1996
Amiga: CD32
Interface: trapdoor slot
Autoconfig ID: ID2157 / 0

> Turns The CD32 Into An Accelerated A1200
Connects To The Rear Expansion Connector Into The Place The FMV Module

68030 @ 25 / 50 MHz, PGA
Optional 68882 @ 25 / 50 MHz, PGA

One 72 Pin SIMM Socket Accepts Up To 64 MB RAM
Zero Wait State For 50 Ns Or Faster RAM
One Wait State For Slower RAM

Serial DB25 Male, RS232
Parallel DB25 Female, Centronics
External Floppy DB23 Female
Video DB23 Male, Analog RGB
VGA HD15 Male, Analog RGB
Internal 44 Pin IDE Header

Buffered IDE Interface
DMA Transfers Via The Akiko Chip
The Serial, Parallel And Floppy Ports Are Controlled By Two Onboard CIA Chips
Mounting Holes For A 2.5&Quot; Hard Disk
Supports Up To Three Floppy Drives
Battery Backed Up Clock
Disable Switch


Amiga SX 32 Pro

Front: SX 32 Pro front view

Amiga SX 32 Pro

Front: SX 32 Pro back view

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