Amiga IO Peripherals

Surf Squirrel

> Company: HiSoft, UK
> Date: 1996
> Amiga: A600, A1200
> Interface: PCMCIA
> Autoconfig ID: ID2017 / 11

53C96 controller IC
up to 2.5 MB/s transfer speed (2x faster than the original Squirrel)
no autoboot ROM – booting requires an initial floppy access for drivers at power-up
50 pin Centronics connector
16C550 controller IC
57600 bps transfer rate on a basic A600
115200 bps on a basic A1200
230400 bps with accelerators
DB9 serial port
supported by Linux


Amiga Surf Squirrel

Front: Surf Squirrel front view

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