Amiga Bus Peripherals

SubSystem 1000 & 500

> Company: Pacific Peripherals, USA
> Date: 1987
> Amiga: A1000, A500
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID3855 / 1

Zorro II Expansion Chassis
2x (SubSystem 500) Or 3x (SubSystem 1000) Zorro II Slots With DMA Support
1x 3.5″ Drive Bay For An Optional 2nd Floppy Drive
External Power Supply
Connects To The Side Expansion Port
Fits Under The Amiga

Optional RAM Card – The Advantage
64 DIP Sockets Accept Up To 2 MB RAM
Supports 0.5, 1 Or 2 MB Configurations
Uses 256kx1 DIPs
Zero Wait States

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