Amiga Audio Peripherals


> Company: Sunrize Industries, USA
> Date: 1994
> Amiga: A2000, A3000, A4000
> Interface: floppy port
> Autoconfig ID: ID16945 / 1

Audio Mixer
Synchronises Video Toaster With Audio And Can Be Used As A Traditional Audio Mixer
External Unit, Connects To The External Floppy Port
Four Stereo Inputs
One Stereo Output
Auto Detects Balanced (+4) And Unbalanced (-10 Or Line Level) Signals
1/4″ Phone Jacks For Inputs And Outputs – Equipments Providing Balanced Signal Through 3 Pin XLR Connectors Require An XLR To Stereo Phone Adapter
Audio Sources For The SoundSwitch And Video Sources For The Toaster Have To Be Matched (E.G. If A VTR Video Output Is Connected To Toaster’S Video Input #2 Then The VTR Audio Output Should Be Connected To Input #2 On The SoundSwitch)
PIC Microprocessor Handles Volume Control
95 DB Dynamic Range

SoundSwitch Link For The Video Toaster
Provides Audio Follow Video Switching
Audio Transitions
Sound Mixer
SoundSwitch – Studio 16 Modules:
SMPTE Time Code Support For AD516, AD1012 And AmiLink
Automated Mixing
ARexx Controllable

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