Amiga Video Peripherals

Sirius II

> Company: Electronic Design, Germany
> Date: 1995
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: RGB port, serial port
> Autoconfig ID: ID10676 / 1

composite and Y/C inputs and outputs
automatic input recognition with priority for the Y/C signal
adjustable color, contrast, luminance and white level (separate red, green, blue) of the source video signal
adjustable black level of the computer image
picture parameters can be stored and recalled
independent fading of the computer and video image
fade to black
manual fading – the faders serve to set the degree of blending
automatic fading – the faders serve to set the fading time between 0.2 – 20 seconds
RGB monitor switch: switches the display between genlock and computer picture without affecting the video outputs
bluebox keying switch: turns on Chroma and Luma keying – finds a specific color with a certain tolerance (to compensate for noise) in the video picture for keying
keying invert switch: when inactive, video is projected onto the computer image where color 0 is – when active, video is shown at positions other than color 0
alpha overlay switch: allows semi-transparent colors or anti-aliasing
built in black burst generator for recording the computer image without receiving a video source
built in test image generator for optimized adjustment of all image parameters
two stereo inputs (4x RCA)
microphone input (1x 3.5 mm jack)
stereo output (2x RCA)
microphone volume adjustment knob
faders control the volume of the two audio channels
during automatic fading the video and audio faders can be synchronized
adjustable treble, bass and gain for all three audio sources independently
LCD display for picture and audio parameters and values
VITC timecode support
all functions can be controlled through the serial port
integrated ARexx port
standby mode – when the genlock is not needed it is possible to work on the computer without disconnecting it – all Amiga screen modes are passed through to the RGB monitor
for operation with the A3000’s video enhancer, the “A3000” jumper has to be set on the Sirius’ circuit board

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