Amiga Emulation Peripherals


> Company: HiQ, UK
> Date: 1996
> Amiga: any Amiga
> Interface: ISA
> Autoconfig ID: ID2171 / 212171 / 32

Integrate Amiga And PC
Allows Access To PC Devices (Hard Disks, CD-ROM, Network Drives, Printers) Through The Amiga
Allows Sharing The Same Mouse And Keyboard Between Amiga And PC
Allows Sharing The Same Monitor With The Optional Video Switcher Card
Installs Into One Of The PC’S ISA Slots
Two HD15 VGA Input Connectors – One For PC And One For Amiga
One HD15 VGA Output Connector For The Shared Monitor
Shared Text Clipboard
By Default All Communication Is Via The Machines’ Serial Ports With A Null-Modem Cable

Siamese V1.5 Software
SCSI Network Support – Accelerates Data Transfer Between The Amiga And PC
Supported Amiga SCSI Controllers Include: A3000(T)/A4000T Motherboard Controller, A4091, Oktagon, Surf Squirrel, DKB Ferret
Supported PC SCSI Controllers Include: Adaptec 1505/1541/2940, NCR 810

Siamese V2.1 Software
TCP/IP Networking Support – Data Transfers Through Ethernet
RTG Support – Open Amiga Screens On The PC Graphics Card Up To 256 Colours
RTG Works Through Either Serial Or TCP/IP Connection

Siamese V2.5 Software
RTG Up To 65536 Colours
RTG Works Only Through The TCP/IP Connection
Video Playback Acceleration – Decoding And Displaying Is Done By The PC Graphics Card


Amiga Siamese

Front: Siamese front view

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